Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unexpected Arrival


A unexpected parcel was delivered today
How exciting ! What was inside...
from my darling brother who couldnt be here for easter

A beautiful notebook for my handbag....

Smiggle tins filled with eggs for the kids
Much squealing was involved....

Pink Lady ( it is so creamy) chocolate Bilbys & a card.....
More squealing (from me)

    Fiesta De Mozi
Fig , Cedar & Mistletoe Candle
with aromatic notes of pink pepper, orange & bergamont
Fabrique' en Australie
Made In Australia
When I opened it I thought it was a candle to keep away the 'mozzies'
or it was a celebration (fiesta) for mozzies.
I will light it tonight when I am reading this book....

Surprisingly I have never heard of this book,
being an Oprah fan & all (yes I will admit it & you all should too,
you know at some point in the last 20 years you have been too).
I will give a review when I have finished reading it.

Thankyou Daniel for making my day


  1. Isn't it wonderful getting a package in the mail, especially such a great package as the one you received!! That candle looks gorgeous. Enjoy getting into your book tonight x

  2. What fantastic timing to get a parcel after a worrying time with your daughter. Your brother had very good timing. Enjoy the spoils.

  3. What a lovely package to receive...great brother! Tracey xx

  4. much do we love our brothers no matter how big we are...just stumbled upon your blog & saw the bowl from your grandma on your april 2nd post & had to say hi- as i bought myself a bowl from that set in a vintage shop when we first moved here ! I have brought 3 gorgeous kids & husband from the beach in oz to the countryside in england.... i will be back to get my dose of sunshine from yours...
    happy thursday

  5. What a great brother you have - love all the gorgeous things he included in this wonderful surprise package. Leigh

  6. Hi there Karyn. It's nice to meet another local blogger:o) I am now following your blog and looking forward to reading all of your old posts.
    What a special delivery that was for your family.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x