Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out & About Sunshine Coast Hinterland


                                                               Le Relais Bressan
                                                            344 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton Qld
We found this restaurant on our last day of our little getaway in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
Unfortunately we had just had morning tea 10min down the road , so we didnt eat there (yet).  The menu looked inviting & reasonably priced. We were in the area for another 2 hours & in that time the restaurant appeared full , a good sign. We are going to stay near here  one weekend in winter , it is a beautiful part of the hinterland with views forever.  Here are a few pictures I took.

The front of the restaurant , and while I was taking this guests started arriving for lunch

These are the cars some arrived in , the man in the cream car saw me taking a picture & asked
would I like him to move the car , so I could just get the red one. I was like "no please dont , you have made my photo all the more lovely".

View from behind....

I popped inside to read the menu , for a future visit (not to long away I hope) sounds delicous & it had my favourite dessert creme brulee' . I took a quick photo inside .

                            Attached to the side of this building is a vintage car museum , how quaint is this one ,
                            oh how I would love to go for a drive through the countryside.


                                                  Another view across the road....
Tommorow I will post the place we visited next door to here
                                                                Karyn x


  1. I used to go there when I was little and it was called "The Flaxton Inn"It was white with black trim. die for ......even for an 8 year old. Aaaaahhhh, the memories Sx

  2. Oh what a gorgeous looking restaurant - you'll have to try it out, it looks so quaint and cosy (and definitely order the creme brulee which is my favourite dessert too!!) I too have a real affinity for all things French and your week's posts sounds like a fabulous idea - can't wait to see the rest!! We have a cafe here in the hills I've posted about previously which is decorated in all things French and sells the most exquisite patisseries.

  3. A lovely place indeed. Those cars were great. That big ole rooster was a fine specimen. I am looking forward to your French week. Not a lot of French stuff around here. Does it count that I watched Julie and Juliet last night?

  4. Oh, what a cool idea! I used to live in NYC, and there were little pieces of France everywhere! Here in the southern U.S., though, not so much, so I will have to enjoy it virtually through you! Lovely little world, I'm definitely following!

  5. hi!

    just got back from out of town and saw your comment :) here is a post about my powder room!!! It is even more FAB in person!



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