Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winter Sunsets

Just a few minutes ago I looked out the window to see this
wonderful colour in the sky (the photo dosent do it justice)
In winter we have the most amazing clouds , just today I 
was driving along the motorway admiring the sky
(one eye on the road of course) & wishing I
had the camera. The whitest clouds looked like they had been thrown 
across the sky by an artist over a stunning blue backdrop. 
Fingers crossed I can get pictures tommorow.
Here are a few more of todays sunset from our backyard.

It looks like a sea of fire

And the sky from the front yard taken a minute after this one 
could you get any more of a contrast

What an amazing world.
 Karyn x

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winter Holidays Have Begun !

Ready to go....

Day 1

This is a 26 Day Holiday Break from school routine 
We dont have any set plans as yet.
Would love to do a farmstay one weekend for
something different, 
 just looking for the right one.
Yesterday I decided to buy some last minute
tickets to take the kids to Disney On Ice Today.
I didnt tell them until an hour before we were
leaving. Of course there was much excitement !
So of to Brisbane we went.....
Thought we would share some highlights

The cast came out....

Minnie was as cute as ever.... 

There was a big adventure ahead....

 Donald was more charming than usual...

Alice made an appearance...

Can you guess these characters ?

Of course there was a princess......

I dont want to give away the story , there were so many different 
characters involved. I have seen Disney On Ice many times , the good old
days when I worked for Disney & I got FREE tickets are long gone.
 It is  nowwonderful to see the show through  childrens eyes, this show
even more so . I found it the best yet , due to the exciting story & encouragement
of crowd participation. It was Disney at what they do best.

A last wave goodbye.....

 On the way out to the car , we bumped into Bindi Irwin with her mum, 
she so graciously took a minute to have a photo. 
In case you were wondering what is on little missy's face , here is a close up.

Too Close ?

When we arrived they were doing face painting of 'The Incredibles' masks.
Of course it had to be Pink !

Karyn x

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue Jar Obsession

I can feel an obsession coming on :
Finding blue jars
in Australia !
There is a lot of blogging going on
overseas about these 'vintage'
gorgeous blue jars,
but are they here down under ?
Vintage or not 
( Though I do love them more with some french writing)

Not sure about the green bows

Pretty storage ideas

More green then blue

This one looks like its painted ,
 not what Im after
but still pretty

This is exactly the colour I am looking for

If you know the whereabouts of some jars like
these in Australia or NZ
please let me know , we are a bit light on the
vintage items here on the Gold Coast.

Karyn x

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth & My Mum

Its the Queens Birthday long weekend here in Australia today & more importantly my Mums birthday today !
 We invited mum over for morning tea , a quick bake this morning just in time for the guest of honour's arrival.....

Happy Birthday Mum !

Monday, June 7, 2010

Playdoh love....

My 7 year old daughter came home from school today & said mummy could I just sit with brother for a minute to play with the playdoh before I have to do my homework. Even though I really wanted her to to get the homework done first , I could see she needed a little time out , so I agreed.
I used the next 15minutes to catch up on some paperwork , when she called out "mummy look what I made" In I went to see "look its you mummy". Complete with designer dress , handbag ,earrings , high heels , a smile , surrounded by hearts & a white apple. 
I felt sooo touched & thought to myself , imagine if I had insisted she did her home work first. Look at this moment that would have been missed . Sometimes I think society expects too much of our young children , some children thrive on it while others feel immense pressure , children are all different & should be able to be treated individually as much as possible so they can all develop into the person they were sent here to be. 
I used to think if you spent the time with children , sent them to the best schools they would find it 'easier' to be more academic , while that is true in some cases it is not always so.
We encourage her in all learning aspects, but we are finding our daughter  naturally inspires to be more of the creative & reading type.  
That is what makes us all unique.
Karyn x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HELP !!! Im Drowning....

Im drowning in digital & computer land , I just want to live in the olden days like 2002  know how to operate every computer , printer & camera I currently own at least until the technology changes by next week.
So I have some.....

                                                           (yes this is me , I am a brunette)

& I need a tonne of some

Pretty Please .....

Question 1
I bought a lovely new digital camera (have taken all these photos to post ) BUT when I go to load them to post each one takes oh about 20 minutes to load AND then when I put it on my post it kind of bunches up , thins out (I dont know what the word is) looks weird. Does anyone know what that means in very simple terms ?? I never had this problem with my last digital camera.

Question 2
When I read my favourite posts every day & go to make a comment , some of them e.g Brabourne Farm , 1 Funky Woman or any with the wallpaper borders , my computer just cannot handle them , just keeps loading & after about 15 minutes it fails. This has only been occuring the last 5 weeks & I havent changed anything on my end . Please help

Question 3
 Its my new printer (its been 4 months actually) , I scan a gorgeous picture in a magazine & then I cant find where it went to when I want to do a fabulous post. I know all about folders (kind of) but still dosent work.

Question 4
Do I need to do a course & if so which one ?
(I have a Mac computer , a Canon printer & a Panasonic Camera )

Question 5
How do you attach a link to another blogger using the word click 'here' ?

Not a very exciting post I know , if it bores you know it bores me too, but I am a frustrated Blogger right now.....

Karyn x

Shout out to a couple of bloggers Im unable to leave a comment too , Leigh at Brabourne Farm well actually she isnt at the farm but at The Chelsea Flower show in England "love the images you took , the flowers are soo perfect they dont look real" .
And to Megan at 1 Funky Woman who makes me laugh every day " thinking of you & your sister today , hope its good news for both of you"        

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome Winter

While we usually look forward to summer for the freedom it offers
 for me the last summer was long & unbearable , so this year I 
have decided to embrace winter.
Embrace it for all it offers , the rare feeling of feeling cold,
 having more energy (no hibernating for me)
 snuggling in bed a bit longer in the mornings,
having bowls of hot homemade soup,
wearing a cosy jacket & scarf,  going on lovely long walks,
picnics , gardening without getting sunburnt & no mozzie bites !
And if the budget allows it (renovating is costly) a trip to the
snow in Victoria or NZ with the kids.
While we dont get snow here in Qld , I was feeling strangely 
envious of these beautiful creatures. While I am sitting  here 
writing this my toes are feeling chilly this morning to the point 
I have to get some socks , Love it !

Bluebirds on a heated birdbath during a North American winter.

Arctic Fox

Bighorn Sheep

Musk Ox

Baby Harp Seal

Siberian Tigers

Cottontail Bunny (now he actually looks cold)

King Penguins
Just LOve them !

Have a great day
Karyn x

All Images National Geographic (except)
Birds via Jodiesjourney.blogspot on facebook
Puppy - unknown