Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day at the beach

Day 2
We stayed at Kings Beach, Caloundra
I thought all our plans for a relaxing day
were gone when we woke up to pouring rain.
No car today , all of this was across the road
from our accomadation.

But it stopped later in the morning 
to allow us to do this...

some climbing....


plenty of squealing....

 swimming in the seawater pool....

looking for crabs (tiny , tiny) in the rock pools..... 

more swimming....

relaxing in a very warm spa, delightful.....

some running.....
(hubby who never takes photos , was watching me
chasing  the kids said' I took a photo of you all'
there we are, those little specs ! We do have zoom

watching ships pass by from our balcony.
At night the cruise ships look spectacular......

The End

Karyn x


  1. thanks for all these gorgeous photos of your kids & the beach xx
    & my kids loooved your last post of our beloved steve xxxxx

  2. So fun! I adore the beach, it pains me to know winter isnt far away! xx

  3. Glad you managed to have a fun-filled day despite the rain. Great photos!

  4. The first and last shots are gorgeous..Rxx

  5. Hi Karyn, your photos look gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are new too. I will put you on my side bar and hopefully someone will read mine and connect to you. Thanks for the lovely comments and please visit again. Kym X

  6. I what a lovely time you all seem to be having. Lovely photos.

  7. oh i love Caloundra!!! looks like you had fun


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x