Monday, April 19, 2010

Australia Zoo Visit

Bronze statue of Steve , Terry , Bob & Bindi
We went away for a short 3 day break to the Sunshine Coast.
We drove up on Friday to Australia Zoo at Beerwah.
 Last June we bought 
season passes because it rained all day
 & thought we would like to come again 
when it was dry, well guess what ? It rained half the day.
We still had a great time , I didnt take many photos due to the rain.

Of course there were crocodiles.........
 I have mixed emotions when we
go to Australia Zoo. There are images of Steve Irwin everywhere , 
 you can feel his passion there , but the animals losing
there 'ambassador' can also be felt.
 And that is when you question & say "Why did he have
to be taken ?" Too deep , lets move on.

Snake rides....

Real snakes.....
The snakes here are the most alert I have
 ever seen , they were all moving around
& coming up to the glass , very exciting.

Pony rides.....

Animal petting farm ....

I loved the otters.....
and the tigers....

How I wish that was my job !

The elephants....

We got to feed them earlier in the day , they are so gentle.

And for my overseas readers

I find them a bit confronting when they stand up
"stand back a little kids"

Even the koalas were awake !
This young koala had been hit by a car & most of 
its front claws were missing.

OOhhh look at this cuddly one.

Day 1 over
Day 2 Beach & Day 3 Mountains
Post tommorow.

Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who offered to 
water my plants
you did a great job!

Karyn x


  1. The otters are so cute! And I love pythons..I always hold one whenever I can, they are magnificent! Rxx

  2. Oh, I hope that last picture isn't indicative of the state your plants were in when you arrived home!
    What a great trip you had. We haven't managed t get up there yet but one day....

  3. Wow, looks like a fantastic place to bring kids. I love otters too - such characters aren't they? Enjoy the rest of your little trip x

  4. Great photos! We went to Australia Zoo a couple of years ago. We were blown away by how clean and tidy everything was. Our kids loved it.Enjoy the rest of your break.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x