Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Front Door Wreath
(shame in Qld we need screens on our doors)

Christmas week started with two sightings of Santa
We were waiting first in line to have our santa photos when were heard......

Santas bell hearalding his arrival

Went home to make a gingerbread house

Master Js first one the last 2 years he has fallen asleep 
(this year I let go & let them both do it without any help from mummy)
I was very proud of them !

The same as the tree this year
(it took me a few days to let go of the decorations being unbalanced,
 but I did it !)

Around the home.....

Some present wrapping....

That night Santa arrived by boat at our friends annual Christmas party

All the kids waiting to greet Santa

At the end of the party all the guests go to the loungeroom to sing carols , this year our host offered
if any children would like to stand up & sing they could. To my amazement master J (who dosent like to draw attention to himself wanted to as long as big sister stood near him)
Children are always full of wonderful surprises  !

Making the shortbread with my little helpers

A Few Days Later......

A Very wet Christmas morning finally arrived

Much excitement in unwrapping gifts......

The Christmas Table centerpiece....

I forgot to take photos of the lunch but remembered at the 
last minute to get a pic of my pavlova.
We had a quieter day than usual couldnt help but miss loved ones who weren't here , 
but still blessed to have some family join us for wonderful lunch. 

Angel ornaments on my bedside table
I have had since I was 14 years old
Remind of the Christmas's when every one was together ,
happy & alive.
So much has changed the last few years ,
it is a blessing to have young children to keep the spirit going.

Karyn x

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas On The Sunny Side

Everyone is posting gorgeous winter scenes for Christmas
Thought I would show you a little of how it really looks for Aussies
at this time of the year.

This was only last week at Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays
Christmas Tree in the foyer

Attempt at creating a winter scene in the tropics

Last day by the water

Ahhh , back to rain , rain & more rain !

I am interested in knowing what blogger friends from the other side of the world think.
Could you imagine a hot Christmas  or one without snow ?
I would imagine it really woudnt be Christmas for you.
It is actually raining here tonight on Christmas Eve & a lot cooler than normal.
There will be no swimming tommorow,
I was going to have seafood this year but the cooler weather has changed that to a
lovely organic turkey roast,
I actually am enjoying Christmas preparations more , candles are lit , carols are playing , 
shortbread baking 
There is a cosiness about it.
Hope it stays like this tommorow.

Merry Christmas Everyone
Have A Happy & Safe Holiday
Extra Special Christmas Wishes To Our Blogger Friends
Who are experiencing difficult times at the moment
Love Karyn x

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Timing For A Oprah Moment

The moment a wish came true......

This is how the story goes.......
 I tried to get tickets to Oprahs shows in Sydney on the 14th Dec
 ( everyone I know applied so I had a greater chance of going)
Now if I got the tickets I was going to have to cancel our holiday on Hamilton Island
that I booked back in August (yes I was prepared to do this !)
 Sadly no one was successful in obtaining any.
Some friends asked on facebook if anyone had got tickets , it was a big NO from everyone ,
Except I added "I  know I am going to see her while she is here because I can feel it "

So we arrived at Hamilton Island on the 13th December
not knowing THIS.....

Oprah arrived the day after in a private jet.
The island was buzzing with gossip this morning , rumours Oprah was flying in. No one seemed to know what time , so how did I get this shot ?
Just a feeling , we were out in our buggy going to get some lunch when I said to hubby , just turn off to the airport & see if there is a private jet at the airport & we will know if she is here.
As we arrived in the carpark the Oprahs jet come into land (apparently it was 1 1/2 hours late )
 The universe was hearing my wish .
Standing at the gate trying to catch a glimpse , thinking they were going to come out of the gate we were at because there was a tv camera crew there , but no they turned off across the tarmac & left through a different exit.
 So the great buggy chase started......
Something overcame me we made it to the little roundabout before they got there
where I proceded to jump out & stand on the road jumping & waving wildly as they past , just hoping 
she would wind down the window & give a wave
but that was not to be.....

past the local school on the island 
 up & over hills following the silver vans with the blacked out windows , 
have you got any idea how slow a golf buggy goes up a hill ?
 You can run faster !!

Down the hill towards Qualia 
where Oprah was staying

They were already through the private gates
Oh why hadnt I booked the from $935 a night accomadation ?
(Probably because it wasnt in our budget )
It was so much fun to let go & be" silly" at my age .
Hubby was slightly bemused at my excitement.

We heard more rumours she would be going to whitehaven beach that afternoon
While we were relaxing by the pool , I was secretly putting it out to the universe I wanted to meet Oprah.
At 2pm we were in our room letting the kids chill out when I said ti hubby "Im just going to pop over to the Marina  , if Oprah is going to Whitehaven she would have to be leaving soon to get there.
On the way there were a couple of camera crews & handful of people standing outside the wildlife park.
I came to a scretching halt , parked the buggy to find out Oprah was arriving in about 10 minutes for a private visit.
My OMG moment had arrived
I have on video a lovely clear & unobstructed view of Oprah driving down the steep hill with Gayle by her side. Then it was running over to where she stopped to talk before driving in , where she had her photo with' Elvis the koala'.

I was very impressed she drove the buggy herself , shows her relaxed 
which us Aussies love !

I went up to a side entrance , we called out to her as she went through & she said I will come over 
after I go here.

About a dozen of us waited & true to her word , she did.
Thankyou Oprah for making my day !
 I am now going to pay it forward & do something for someone in need to make their day.
Its funny peoples reactions , it seems you either get what Oprah is about or you dont.
I am not going to apologise for admiring & respecting her or being a fan
(I have seen people roll there eyes at the very mention of her name & thats O.K we are all different)
Twice in my life I have dramatically changed things in my life due to watching her show , 
I will always be great full for this 

Karyn x

P.S Now I have to put it out to the universe to get tickets to the show in Chicago for the final season.
I am determined !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget ......


Lest We Forget
 Rememberance Day
Take a minute today to remember
the men & woman who lost their lives 
in war for our country.

Karyn x

Miss. S made this poppy yesterday at school 
to wear today.
Love it.....
This represents to me our freedom....
We are so fortunate to even be able to make something as
simple as this paper flower
  when there are so many in the world right now suffering 
on so many levels
 from grief & despair 
to not having a roof over their head or children with no 
food in their tummys.
Be grateful .....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something Blue By Mary McDonald

Blue being my favourite colour , I couldnt help but notice this fabulous
L.A based designer , Mary McDonald
(dosent she remind you in this picture of our very own Princess Mary)
If only to be this elegant.....

How I would love to be this bold to paint my study this colour....

Although I did have my bedroom this colour (the brighter shade on the left)
after a holiday in the Greek Islands......
until a few years agowhen it was time for a change

A touch of blue outside
oh so dreamy...... 

A Commercial Design
LA stores are so COOL !
I cant quite figure what they are selling , any ideas ?

Karyn x

I am so inspired looking at these photos put together , I have a need 
to do a pop of colour somewhere in the renovations !
Lookout blank wall where ever you are......

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yellow , Black ,Patterns & more.......

Can you believe this house is actually here on the Gold Coast ?
(for those who dont know the Gold Coast is usually only shown as sleek & modern)
I came across this Hampton inspired home for sale
I love the size of this room
Is it designed well or is there too much going on ?
Do you like yellow ?
If I hadnt grown up with yellow & orange wall paper that was never changed 
maybe I could grow to like it. 
 I  do like how the owner has taken a bold leap !
Karyn x
Image from here....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Quick Trick or Treat !

We havent done Halloween before Miss.S has always thought it was scary & this year she said it is just ugly ( black & dark vs girlie & sparkly ) there is no competition in her eyes.
It was about 7pm when we got a knock at the door from trick or treaters (did I have any sweets , no!)
How awful did I feel.
Miss. S said maybe next year I will go trick or treating . Well knowing her I knew she would be counting the days , now she could see all the excitement & the fact you get lollies !
Facts she knew but couldnt overcome the darkness of Halloween.
So to save myself the 365 day countdown I said "quick throw on a dress up & lets go trick or treating"
10 minutes later we are running out the door. The one person at the end of our street I knew was giving out lollies had closed up shop for the evening. There little faces just looked so sad , looking up the street I didnt think it looked promising but off we went (with 5 minutes to bed time to go)  

We had a princess (of course) & a masterchef with his own stockpot.

We were in luck , right up the other end was a full on halloween party with a giant bowl of sweets.
Have a look at Master.J he couldnt take his eyes off the man right in the background with the skeleton suit on & face painted.

 We finally convinced him to turn around to have a photo .
Thankyou lovely unknown family in our street for making their night.
Three more houses at that end they knocked on & got a treat.

Return at 8pm with their stash. Very happy little children who are now converted Halloween fans. Somehow Miss. S had twice the amount of sweets in her princess handbag (I think it was when they could help themselves to the bowl at the party) 
The next morning though I went out to find empty wrappers over the lawn , I think that was my trick for not having any treats for the other trick or treaters earlier in the night.
I promise next year I will be organised......
What % of Aussies celebrate Halloween ? 
Love to know your thoughts or how you celebrated.

Karyn x

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Parcel Arrives From Ada & Darcy.....

I took a look a the fabulous new on line store
and fell in love with so many beautiful items

As we are just finishing up renovations this month (fingers crossed)
Im not quite ready to do my order , but I had to have these straws for this Saturday.
My 8 year old daughter is having a tea party with her best friend to make up for not having a birthday party of her own last week.
When they arrived  they were beautifully wrapped with a lovely note from Kellie attached.
I have to say they are even better in the flesh, I loved them , they are a vibrant pink & very strong.  

Thankyou Kellie , I will be back to shop soon.
Karyn x

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday night Ice cream Indulgence for the family OR ?

Or do you hide it in the back of the fridge away from prying little eyes ,
 after all they do have their vanilla Blue Ribbon Ice Cream.

Seriously this is a must have , at least once.
Maggie Beer Burnt Fig , Honeycomb & Caramel Ice Cream 500ml
This is how Maggie describes it on the container.
With its own cult following , our burnt figs really shine in this ice cream , along with honeycomb and the richness of fresh cream , milk and egg yolks.We're talking grown up ice cream for adult tastes. This is the real thing ! All you need is a spoon to indulge in this luscious ice cream.

Well I took Maggies advice in fact 3 times in one week  (all by myself, hubby wasnt around when I was indulging , sshhh dont tell him) I dont usually eat sweets at night.
The last serve I sat at the bench reading the container . I thought to myself " mmmm , this is sooo delicous I wonder what the calories are , oh dear , its a five serve pack at 818kj a serve !

Enjoy your Weekend
Karyn x

P.S Does any one know what speed I need to increase my internet too ? It took about an hour to post the previous 5 photo post. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss.S Turns 8 !

Who knows if this is the last year of loving Barbie ?
 ( I dont usually do the licence product wrap)
 but after a year of idolising Hannah Montanna , it is kind of a relief Miss. S has gone back to Barbie , we know she is always blonde & well mannered with no scandals in the gossip mags & she is already grown up !

"This is the Barbie I really really wanted "

Her friend Miss.M who she has known since birth ( well it took a little while after birth for them to realise they knew each other ) it is her birthday also the day after Miss.S , she invited us to her ten pin bowling party.

Much fun was had by Master. J who had to put his new Buzz lightyear mask on every time he bowled.
He was hilarious & it was his first time bowling , he did very well. 

Miss. S had a unique bowling style , she is usually such a princess , but with bowling she did the 'chuck or fling method' I cringed every time , I was scared for my life standing here to take the photo.

Looking very smug "I may have chucked the ball with all my might but it still knocked seven pins down"

Miss .S had a lovely surprise when her friend said she had to sit at the end of the table with her to blow out the candles since it was her birthday too. That just made her day ! 

What do you do when the kids have had to much sugar ?
Thats right put them in a large floating ball & push them out to sea , then go shopping !
(Too bad there is only 30 min of oxygen in there)
Wouldnt  this be the ultimate time out device to have at home...........
Too harsh I hear you say , its just mummy hasnt had her double shot latte today , 2 hours of bowling noise with ten parties on at the same time in the one location can make one a little sensitive.

Karyn x