Sunday, October 2, 2011

Been away a while.......

Ive been away some months now from sharing my thoughts , my joys , my life........

Its 4am , tea & toast , ready to return to embracing life for anything it may
throw my way.
Its been a turbulent year for our little family 
Always saying though " there are people much worse off " to get us through
Trying to put in perspective the events unfolding around the world & our own personal events
  eventually got too much 

People have said to me what a strong person I am at different times over the years
Its funny that I dont feel strong though. I am a quiet person who keeps her hurts close to the heart
Maybe I feel if I let them go I am weak or I will fall apart
Maybe that is the strength , but is it good for one to hold on ?
Maybe this is like a test to see what it feels like to let go a little , 'put it out to the universe'.

I know longer knew how to see joy in the beauty around me
I wanted to be sad , yet couldnt let myself  'totally' because of the children
I needed to use all the strength & energy I could muster to be there for my children
I took some time out from making commitments , blogging & even interacting with friends 
to quieten my busy mind  
Did it help ?
To a degree, but we still have a long road ahead 
I have come to the realisation I cannot put everything on hold waiting for the unknown that may 
or may not happen.
Like this photo I took of sunrise over Burleigh Beach , its a new day dawn &
I need to bring hope , harmony & positive thoughts into our life....
Be well my husband , our prayers are with you

Karyn x