Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love Peggy the Pug !

Ok , so it is day 3 without a camera & I feel like
I have lost my right arm. So many moments I would normally 
take a shot of but unable to do so is driving me crazy !
So I dug deep & decided to do a post on should we get a 
puppy for our son ?
Im 99% sure I am not ready , so why would we be contemplating it.
Well back in January we had a holiday in Melbourne visiting my brother 
who has a' girl' named Peggy (she is a pug). And our 3 year old just loved her ,
he played with her every moment he got. Trouble is we have a cat , Chelsea
that he wont leave alone , he is always chasing her into a corner or putting her in a box !
Very patient our Miss.Chelsea. A puppy is a big responsibility & I am not ready
for another child , so to speak. What is a good age for children to have a dog ?
The pictures here were taken the day we went for a walk to the park.

Walking to the park

Peggy is semi famous , this is her veterinary clinic she
goes too & if you look closely in the window that is actually a picture of her,
the cat picture is the vets own cat.

How funny !

Come for a walk Peggy...
Fetch Peggy....

Did I tell you the story about.....

Did Peggy go up the rocket ?


But she went on the see saw
 (she actually sat on it by herself after this shot , but that is on the video)
so funny

It was a lovely park , a playground , lots of room to run around
and beautiful big shade trees.

a lovely display of azaleas

Walking past this home it caught my eye , the colour of the walls
& I loved the dark door. Oh & the gate posts....

This was the side of the house , you cant see in the picture but they had 
lovely wicker furniture under the porch. 

Have a lovely week
Karyn x


  1. Hi Karyn, what a sweet post!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving such an interesting comment, I tried to sort of answer, if you're curious you can pop back to the post.

  2. Isn't Peggy the sweetest thing? I love pugs and it's no wonder you fell in love with her. I'm probably not the most impartial person on the subject of pets, I've had dogs my whole life and wouldn't be without one, but it is a commitment and your decision shouldn't be taken lightly. That said, I think pets are fantastic for kids and they learn to love and respect animals, so if you think you can handle it I say go for it! xx

  3. My advice is not to get a puppy until you are definitely ready as in those early days, it's like having another baby :) That said, Grace absolutely adores our dog Asha even at her young age and I can see they will be great friends as she gets older. I'm sure it would be a lovely experience for your son x

  4. Hi Karyn- thanks for the 2 yr well's been an exciting time! I guess as parents we try to anticipate everything that may happen to our kids...i did this for our huge move in every possible way- BUT the kids were the took them absolutely no time to 'throw' themselves into our new life- was it my preparation or are kids just wonderfully adaptable? I know it seems like why 'rock the boat' when life is pretty perfect as it is...but i can't recommend it enough...your kids are happy if your happy don't you think?
    Its a big experience...but so is a dog- no matter how cute..hee hee
    Melissa x

  5. Oh we have a dog, she is divine, can't imagine life without her. But you do need to be ready, I guess one thing to think of, the sooner you get a puppy, the sooner they grow out of the puppy stage!

  6. GOrgeous puppy and gorgeous home! xx

  7. Oh Peggy is just gorgeous... how brilliant is that first photo! We would love a pet of some sort (other than lizards) but we move so often it is a bit tricky. That little puggy melts my heart. A-M xx


Love reading all of your comments.
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