Monday, June 3, 2013

My blog has moved.......

I have moved .......
My blog is still Hope Island Home Living
but has a new URL

This will be my last post on this blogsite :)
I needed a fresh start after a very trying 12 months ,
the new look will give me this new lease on life !
 The new URL is in keeping with
the blog title & simplifies searches.

If you would like to keep following me come on over.
( Im still tweeking a few things in the sidebar )
I am also on Instagram daily !!
I will announce some giveaways on Friday for Australian followers.

Love to hear from you 

Karyn x

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ole Lynggaard Jewellery

I was drawn in by a beautiful image in a magazine of Helena Christensen , 
on the accompanying page was a shot of beautiful ' organic ' style rings.
Normally that is as far as I would go , admiring the image.
But this time I looked for the web address

I have never been more enthralled reading about a jewellery house.
Words like hand made , capture the colour & light , organic corals , eloquent are but just a few descriptive words used for their obvious love of jewellery designing. I was drawn deeper into the website from their inviting catalogue covers to discovering it is a 50 year Old Danish family business.
The designers are Ole & Charlotte Lynggaard.
I could continue on but I will let you take the journey yourself......

What I also discovered & loved was the ' My Friend Project ' set up by Charlotte Lynggard to help people in West Africa have access to clean drinking water. Charlotte is very concerned with the state of the world & the consequences of global warming . 59 wells later 35, 000 people in the small West African country of Togo have benefited. Here is the link

As I can only dream of one day affording one of these stunning pieces ,
I will leave you with another image of Helena Christensen ,
classic & timeless just like the jewellery.

Karyn x

All Images from here

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I went over the Border and.......

Miles of vast open green spaces ,
past Mt Warning & sugar cane fields.......

Up a steep driveway......

To this pretty setting ......

Look at the picture perfect view,
so still & quiet .....

I spent  two of the most wonderful days doing workshops here ,
do you know where I was ?

The answer is on my instagram !
Pop on over & take a look
Karyn x

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

My mothers day flower
picked by my gorgeous boy as we walked on the beach in the afternoon.

This was my favourite part of the day. My hand made card from my six year old. I wonder how many more years of these I have to look forward too.......

The kids shop at their school mothers day stall , I was pretty lucky this year ,
 look at this booty ! They doubled up on socks as they didnt know what the other had bought. Worked out perfect as #mum needed some warm woolly socks.

I was also given this beautiful gift box ( daddy had gone shopping )

Look what was inside , sigh , Im in heaven......

We had to drive down the other end of the coast to take a injured baby water dragon to the Currumbin Animal Hospital ( as you do )
While we were down that way we went for a lovely walk on the beach.
Love the vast open space with gorgeous cloudy Autumn sky.

Karyn x

Images Hope Island Living

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hope Island Living Blog Changes Coming........

Over the next few weeks I am making changes to my blog.
So bare with me as I tweak my neglected Blog , there may be a slight name change also
Its time.........
On the horizon will be giveaways , before / after room reveals and a online store.

Today I am sharing a few of my photos with you

Karyn x

Images by Hope Island Living

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day Service

Today we attended the Anzac Day Service at Upper Coomera Monument

Image Hope Island Living

At The Monument
On this special day , ANZAC Day , 25th April 2013, we recall those men
 and women who gave service to their country , who sacrificed their lives
 to fight for peace in the world and freedom for mankind.

We recall the great tragedy of war and those who left our shores and never returned ,
those who still sleep in the cemeteries of Gallipoli , Palestine , France , 
the desserts of Northern Africa , Greece , the Middle East and closer 
to home , New Guinea , the Pacific , Malaysia , Korea , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Afghanistan , Iraq , East Timor and all the other unknown resting places 
in every corner of the world.

We stand here together united in their memory and promise that their
 sacrifice will not be forgotten and that we , as a community will work
together , to continue their memory and in our own small ways to bring
peace to our families and friends throughout our community
and to the world as a whole.

From the Rotary Club programme

If only we could all read this and live by it.

Many local schools took part in the march to the monument , helping to keep 
Anzac Day remembered through our youth.

It was wonderful to see a large crowd line the streets


Karyn x

Monday, April 22, 2013

Paint Me White , Annie Sloan Workshop

On Saturday I attended a Workshop at
Paint Me White 
learning to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

It was held at the new premises of Paint Me White at Mudgeeraba 
Sandy also has a store at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre

Here we all are , a lovely group of ladies.

I brought in this lovely ornate frame 

Look , no sanding , no primer required 
Straight into painting , no paint smell , gotta love that !!

I choose ' Louis Blue ' to Paint the frame.
I have a special spot at home for this which I will reveal another day !!

It was hard not to get distracted surrounded by all the interesting pieces in the store.
The 3 hours went so fast . We stopped to have a delicious morning tea that had been made by Sandys daughter Paige. Wish I had taken a photo of the delightful stand holding the yummiest egg sandwiches & the best caramel slice I have ever had ! ( I may have to pop back soon just to get the recipie )

I came home with two colours to start off with 
Paris Grey & Pure White ( of course ) 
Lots of great colours & different effects can be done with them.

Sandys Gold Coast store " Paint Me White " had its opening on Sunday
( I forgot to take a picture of the sign outside )
Which can be found at Mudgeeraba Village Shopping Centre , Swan Lane.
or online at

Karyn x

Friday, April 19, 2013

First Tooth Out !

Moments after my 6 year olds tooth fell out biting into a pear
Much excitement !!

Which lead to the question that night............
How do you present the ' first tooth ' to the tooth fairy when you are a boy ?
 I have had lots of experience with my daughter , she has a special pink fairy door on the wall complete with gold key that the fairy enters at night takes the tooth , 
while leaving a magical trail of fairy glitter dust & a gold coin.
Once she came a night late ( oh dear ) & left a little note explaining what a extra busy night she had & couldnt collect all the teeth before morning.
Was he going to be expecting a door too ?

As this tooth had fallen out a bit sooner then I thought , I wasnt prepared.
Then I remembered purchasing this book from the ABC Store 6 months ago.
We read together ' Why do our teeth fall out ? '
( see his little tooth sitting on the book )

It basically explains the life of a tooth 
( makes a great reader for young learners )
The last page even shows how to make a Tooth fairy basket !
Which was not required ..........

Boys are so much easier ( at times )
He simply wanted to leave it on his new desk in his bedroom.
Not under the pillow , he said " the tooth fairy wont be able to find it there "
He is very practical !
He went to sleep & woke up to a generous $5 in gold coins.
One very happy little boy.

Karyn x

Do you have any stories to share , I would love to hear them.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Perfect Rug

Kids Bedroom Rugs

Ive been on the hunt for a few pieces to finish styling my sons room.
I had given up finding the perfect rug !
Until I stumbled on these beauties , I may of given up again when I discovered they were from the American company Pottery Barn Kids ( you know the freight costs )
Pottery Barn is opening in Sydney very soon , just a few weeks away I hear ,
fingers crossed they are stocking these Perfect Rugs.
It will be interesting to see if they are the same price here in OZ.

This chenille herring bone is my favorite !
But there is a couple of other rugs in the running

This lighter color may work better in a small bedroom

I like this deep wool pile rug too 

Heres the girls version of the chenille rug

A pretty wool rug

I have been looking for 6 months now , whats another few weeks of waiting ?

Karyn x


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vintage Baby Throws

 Baby Kanthas 

Girly Pinks  

Beachy Blues

Little Boy Blues


Loving these Vintage Baby Kanthas
The colors are devine !
They are handstitched , reversable & made with 100% super soft cotton.

I was looking for a gift for a friend expecting a baby & found these at 
Read her blog while your there. 

Perfect Gift ! 
Now to choose which color mmmm......

 Sally Campbells Blog

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kids Bed Love

 Tuesday 9th April

Love this fun kids bed !
Searching for items for my sons bedroom I came across this unique style bed
Would love to see it with blue rope too for the boys.

Karyn x

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gratitude comes in all forms......

The kids & I have been writing in a gratitude journal for the last couple of weeks.
I choose for my daughter a Kikki K 365 days journal as it had a day number at the top
& a whole blank page to write , draw or add a photo to her daily gratitude.
Initally my 6 year old son didnt want to do it but after a few days of seeing his sister & mum 
sitting together writing in our journals he was ready. 
So he decided to use his big Smiggle Jotter.

My journal is a gratitude journal from Kikki K 
given to me by my daughter for Christmas (off my wish list )
Everyday I am grateful when I pick it up &
feel the beautiful textured fabric it is covered in.

This is one of my favourite quote pages in the journal.
Words I am trying to live by.

I am amazed at what it difference it makes to our days.
My daughter is so more aware of " the little things "
she actually comments on them during the day.
While little one dosent write in it everyday he will say things he is grateful for
& is more aware of right from wrong.
And me , well it brings a peace to my heart & makes my day easier.
Funny though , you might catch me in another world , as a beautiful cloud has caught my eye
or a cool breeze has me mesmerized. 

Sometimes she writes 3 lengthy sentences of what she is grateful for
Here is this mornings happy & simple reflection

" I am grateful for waking up to a beautiful morning "

Ditto my darling

Karyn x