Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Childrens Book - The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon
by A.Lamorisse
I purchased this hardcover book for my son recently.

Once upon a time in Paris there lived a little boy whose name was Pascal.
Once he brought home a last cat, and some time later a stray puppy. But his
mother said animals brought dirt into the house, and so Pascal
 was soon alone again in his mothers clean well-kept rooms.
Then one day , on his way to school, he caught sight of a fine red balloon,
 tied to a street lamp.
Pascal laid his school bag on the   ground.
He climbed up the lamppost, untied the balloon,
and ran off with it to the bus stop.

(that was from page 1)

I wont give anymore away , but the story unfolds
telling the adventure Pascal had with the red balloon over a few days.

with a delightful mix of black/ white and colour photographs
taken in Paris

I thought it was a refreshing change to the usual
books for boys.

I havent read it to him yet , keeping it for his 4th birthday in July.
Karyn x

P.S I purchased it from The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Store
Marina Mirage - Gold Coast


  1. It looks like a gorgeous book, the kind my girls would like..Rxx

  2. What a great find. I love the pictures. What an adventure. I am sure your son will love it.

  3. What a gorgeous book. A lovely gift x

  4. Older stories are always the best! more imagination it seems :)


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