Thursday, April 22, 2010

My 6th Photo !

Thankyou to the lovely Rachael from A Room For 
Everyone blog for tagging me in this game.
My 6th Photo
This was my 3rd post on the 11th Nov 09
It was the start of our renovations & our darling cat
 Chelsea was watching concrete being laid for our family/kitchen
 room, mini extension.
 What we thought wasnt such a big job didnt come at a mini price though.
It is amazing the costs of doing a reno & the budget can blow out
 very easily when you are being swept up in the excitement of the walls coming down.

If you would like to see more of the start  of the renovations , there are more photos on
 that posting of the walls & kitchen coming out.
I only had one comment on that post  (only my 3rd post so I wasnt expecting any)
I was so excited , there it was in the morning & ran with excitement to my husband
who was sleeping , screaming Vicki Archer left a comment on my blog.
 Hubbys reply "who". I replied
"Vicki Archer author of the book My French Life "
(the book is one of my favourites given to me by my brother at a very difficult time in
my life , it gave me hope to dream again & it has always sat pride of place
next to my bed & now in the family room )
"Oh thats nice dear "or something to that affect was the reply.
 Men they just dont understand ! 
Maybe because only 2 days earlier he had accounted the same thing from my 1st post excitement.
"honey you wont believe it , Leigh from Brabourne Farm left a comment, you dont understand
she has 
she has a beautiful blog & is big in bloggy land."
 I got the vacant look of what am i supposed to say to that information......
I have calmed down & I keep the joy of receiving
comments all to myself and Im good with that.

Karyn x

P.S I will  tag my bloggy friends later 
when I check who hasnt had a turn yet playing !


  1. Oh Karyn, you sound just like me. I am saying to my hubby, A-M left a message OMG etc she is royalty. He was so casual, I was jumping around the house. Have a great day.

  2. I still remember my huge excitement over the first comments I received on my blog from 'famous bloggers' too and from actually having people become followers of my little blog :)

  3. That's so sweet. I remember getting my first comment, it took MONTHS as I really didn't know what I was doing! Rxx

  4. Racheal, Look at you now 89 followers of a beautiful blog. I still dont know what I am doing. All the things I would post if I knew how to make the computer do the things I need it to ! I have a vision....... that still needs to unfold.
    Karyn x

  5. morning karyn- oh that made me giggle- 'a comment'- someone is actually reading all this 'stuff'!
    it's lovely to know you're sending thoughts out that someone is enjoying enough to respond to, isn't it! i still feel that way -maybe it takes MANY months to take it a little more in your stride...back to the photo...cute cat & all reno's are worth it in the end!
    melissa x

  6. I know exactly what you mean, I think every new blogger feels the same way. What a great little community we have here! K xx

  7. Dear Karyn
    I am so grateful for YOUR comment on my blog today! It made me feel a lot better..whenever I feel down I should just turn to our little/big blog good is that?
    I wish you have a great weekend
    P.S.your Chelsea is lovely!


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x