Sunday, April 4, 2010

Out & About Easter Saturday

image hopeislandhome
Real eggs with with praline, mmmm
Diva Tea house

My daughters art class this morning
Painting a real ostrich egg

Fashion Parade at Marina Mirage

 A dress made of Chocolate !

I liked how the model wasnt 'super' skinny 
for this dress.

 The Calvin Klien underwear model 
wouldnt be able to carry off the chocolate dress !
(I dont think she would eat chocolate)

We got the decorated ostrich egg home in one piece !
Beautiful work darling.....

Roses from Ferry Rd Markets

and hyacinths, 
smell divine.

Pretty easter tins

My 3 year old wanted to decorate too on the entry table
This was his idea....

My 7 year olds styling idea for Sundays Easter table
Give the kids a couple of cheap packets of chickens
keeps them amused for hours  well maybe 10 minutes.

Image via *chic provence*

After our busy day today this would be my 
ideal easter lunch table.
And since we dont have a wisteria , lunch 
would have to be at someone elses place
Happy Easter
Karyn x


  1. Karyn, that is all so gorgeous. I love seeing little things kids do. My little ones are so creative and I get so much pleasure from seeing them proudly show off what they've made. Looks like a fun weekend..Rachaelxx

  2. Oh Karyn, how exciting to find your lovely blog. You live in a wonderful part of our world. Love seeing all the exciting things you can get up to and the places you visit. Love the egg! A-M xx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x