Saturday, April 24, 2010

Autumn Fruit Colour

Autumn Pears & Apples

One weekend I went to the markets  & to my dismay the flower stall
was not open. So I bought a big bag of limes & put them in a bowl on my kitchen 
bench . Since then I love doing displays of fruit , a quick fix for adding colour,
 texture and freshness in the kitchen. And best of all you get to eat it!

Better still a mix of fruit & flowers !

Have a lovely weekend
Karyn x

Images from Pottery Barn & Hope Island Home


  1. Oh those jars..beautiful and such a gorgeous way to a add some colour. Your photos are amazing...Kym x

  2. Gorgeous shots, I love the fruit....have a wonderful weekend,xv.

  3. What lovely displays in those images- - I really like the last one. I was only thinking the other day that a fruit bowl of some type might be a good display piece on our kitchen bench :)

  4. Nice photos. Love the timber the pears are on, such lovely texture.

  5. What a fresh post! I think I'm gonna go and get me some fruit!! Happy Saturday!

    Kristin :)


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x