Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Belated Christmas Wishes

A Belated Merry Christmas to all 

How could I have missed such an important post
Came back from a marvelous week away in the Whitsundays.
Realised with 6 days to Christmas I hadnt started any preparations as the last month was so full of  medical appointments for hubby , ballet rehersals , end of school events , more ballet rehersals . I was nearly too exhausted to even pack for our holiday.
Rushed around buying presents , menu choices , table schemes, ordering organic hams & turkeys (not a easy feet this close to Christmas) , cleaning the house etc etc.
All while trying to keep Christmas week  entertaining & stress free for my two wonderful children.
But I did squeeze in Christmas drinks with a dear friend.
Thats when I took this picture , waiting for a cab to take us home.

Enough about me
Thankyou to all my beautiful followers who still read my rather spasmodic posts this year.
I trust you had wonderful times at Christmas whether they were quiet or hectic & look forward to hearing from you all in the new year.
I will be busy in the new year working on new projects , there are some changes in the air for
Hope Island Home.

Karyn x

Image Hope Island Home 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where in the world ?


View from a room
come with me
let me take you closer.......

step out the doors.....

stop at the hammock.......

roll out .....

just a few more steps to the water ......

you made it.....

Guessed where we are ?
Stop by tommorow & I will share more

Karyn x