Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Matisse Art Classes

My seven year old went to her first art class yesterday.
She does art at school but when I saw these classes that are designed to inspire children to be creative , explore & discover their creativity in an authentic atmosphere of an artists Galerie.
She was so excited about going but when we got there she looked a little apprehensive, but when I took a peek half way through the class an hour later this is what I saw, a relaxed & happy girl.
So off I went for another hour , very difficult to amuse one self at Marina Mirage for 2 hours , all those beautiful shops & a bonus of the farmers markets on that day as well......mmmm maybe not that hard.
The highlight for me was on the way home when she said "mummy I loved going there it made me feel I had gone to Paris and was doing art there with my french hat & that painty thing (paint palette) "
I love all things french so when she said that I knew Im 'rubbing' off on her.
She cant wait until next week

And neither can I !

They are held at the HunterCorbu Galerie at Marina Mirage 

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