Thursday, March 18, 2010

Courtyard / Kitchen Garden Renovation Part 2

The wall for the courtyard & the kitchen vegie garden edging has been built for 3 months now
when we were just about to start the concrete slabs
it hasnt stopped raining long enough to dry out.
(Im am not complaining about the rain)

 It was filled up with water when the rain was heavy,
we called it little venice. )This was taken when the water had gone down)

Window out, new French doors in. They still have to be painted white.
The vegie garden is going to have netting for climbing plants to cover the paling fence
So we have come to a standstill on the courtyard & vegie /herb gardens.
Its going to be my little slice of France. 
Still deciding on what to put on the slab , but Im thinking some rustic ramdon stone & the lights on the wall ,well havent seen anything suitable yet.
Im not exposed to, too much european influence on the Gold Coast
Any suggestions would be most welcome 

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