Saturday, March 27, 2010

Autumn Please !

Its still summer here in Queensland
And its been a long one , enough for me to contemplate
a 'sea change' move somewhere still warm but not sooo
humid , preferably in the hinterland but still close enough to go to the beach.
But how do you uproot your daughter from school, when their school (so far )has been great
I dont think I could ever do it. So maybe in 13 years we will do it , when the youngest is done ( he dosent even start until 2012). We are minutes away from theme parks , beaches ,mountains & when we want some culture head off to Brisbane for a day at the art gallery , museum , see a ballet or play.
We really shouldnt complain , there is nothing to complain about.
Its just the heat talking !  
Oh how I wish we had the crisp cool Autumn mornings
the beautiful colours of the leaves changing.
Well thats mummys thoughts
but the kids have other ideas !
Swimming still......


  1. It's still hot here in the Highlands too - we had a few cool nights and mornings last week but they've disappeared. The leaves are slowly starting to turn red but not nearly quick enough for me! Hope you have a lovely, cool weekend. Leigh

  2. I know what you mean, I did a post about Autumn recently. I grew up for much of my childhood in Darwin - very hot! I just love the four seasons now..Rachaelxx


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