Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye August Forster.............

Our old piano was sold on ebay today. Why is it sad to say goodbye to her ? The keys dont  all work , she is a bit battered & bruised (like that when we got it) . But she has been part of our lives for 6 years , my brother bought it for me from the trading post to learn on (which I did start when I had my first baby) and since they were able  my 7 & 3 year old sit at it a play most days. 
As we are renovating its time to make way for new carpet & a piano that is in tune with ALL the keys working. I went to a piano shop last week & the sales person played a piece for me on a brand new shiny Kawai !
I knew then it was time to say goodbye old girl....... 


  1. Oh shame... I hope she has gone to a lovely home! x

  2. I'm sure it was sad to say goodbye to your old darling but just think of all the fabulous music you can make on your new piano! Leigh


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Karyn x