Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Chino anyone ?

Oh my what have I done ?
Do I go out to coffee to often ?
My children have become baby chino connoisseurs 
They are 3 & 7 and when we are ordering at a restaurant , its always "excuse me may I have a baby chino"
Really I think its the marshmallows , they have found a way around the rules of , no lollies unless your at a party. Mmmm ..........clever my children.
This was one of there all time favourites on a recent holiday St.Kilda , Melbourne
Have A Nice Weekend !


  1. Mine loved them too, back in the day when they didn't want the real thing...Have a very happy weekend, xv..

  2. Mine too..I make them at home all the time - that or a vienna hot chocolate (lots of cream on top)..Thanks so much for your comment today. I know what you mean about wanting the best. It was hard for me to compromise in the laundry but it turned out fine. Really interested to see how your renovating goes! Rachaelx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x