Friday, March 26, 2010

Gifts from the sea...

Love the use of shells with the candles
in this display of different
size & shape lanterns
I would love these in white or chrome.

The timber , the shells & smooth stones
Nature gives as the best textures & shapes !

Coral off the beach at Daydream Island , Whitsundays.

I know its not a good picture
it was taken in a home wares shop on The Mornington Peninsula, Vic
I also saw a larger version in Bowral , N.SW a few weeks earlier.
I would have bought it except I had to get it back to Qld.
I loved the use of driftwood for the lamp base.
If any one has seen these in Qld I would love to know.

Image 1 & 2 -Pottery Barn,  Image 3 & 4 Me (cant you tell)

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  1. Oh its lovely... I always find things in QLD that i cant bring to Sydney!! xx


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