Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Courtyard / Kitchen Garden Renovation Part 1

The window near our meals area (after the grass came up & before the french doors went in )
This has always been the unseen side of our house. It was grassed with a clothes line down the other end of the house, off the laundry . I used to say when getting the clothes off the line that a lovely breeze was always blowing through there. And from the inside from the day we moved in , I always said there should be a door where that window is.  
New slab for clothes line (love that I have the room for a full clothes line)
What a mess ! 

This is part 1
I tried to load more photos but it wont take anymore. Im still trying to work out this bloggy thing.
I have a vision of how I would like my blog to look
unfortunately I just cant seem to make the 
computer do what I want it to do , no matter how much I beat it talk to it !!
Part 2 Tommorow
Karyn x

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