Thursday, March 18, 2010

Island Bench Lights , where are you ?

I have been carrying around this pic for a few months now 
going into every lighting store with it
no one has these except Restoration Hardware in America.
The new kitchen has also been in  for a few months now
with no lights except a single bulb hanging down !
This is my last attempt to find them here in oz before  I 
move on & settle for something else.
Has anyone seen these exact lights in a store ?
Im going to show a pic of part of my kitchen , before it is finished
just to show where I need them. Here goes......

See the bulb and the wires hanging down  ! 
Thats where the led lights are going.
Although looking at it now on here , I dont think my bench is long enough to
fit three across . Opinions appreciated please  ?
Also in this pic can you see the tiled splashback , should the tiles continue over the window?
I thought the tiler was going to but when I got home he hadnt done it.
Still have a roman blind to be made for above the window.
I just need a little help


  1. Wow! Your kitchen is going to be beautiful! I've had awful trouble trying to find lights in Australia too. You could try Custom Lighting in Melbourne? Rachaelx

  2. Thankyou for the comment Rachael. I will check out Custom Lighting this week. I have lost my way a little lately of my reno vision. I love though how I can change my mind as I go along , it just slows up the process a bit.
    Karen x

  3. Hi Karyn

    Your kitchen looks fabulous - I just love all the white that you've used. It's such a great choice because it never dates and always looks so fresh and clean. I think you should tile above the window - it would finish the room. If you're unsure about whether you can fit 3 pendant lights you could try 2 pendants or 2 of something else ... maybe 2 lovely hanging lamp shades. I'm sure that whatever you choose it will look wonderful. Leigh

  4. Thankyou Leigh for your lovely comment & suggestions. It is very much appreciated.
    Karyn x

  5. Hi Karyn,
    Your kitchen is really lovely and yes I think the tiles over the window would look great.
    I also live here on the GC and am so relieved when I see people breaking away from the normal, modern "GC Style" of home.
    I look forward to seeing more of your refreshing house.



Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x