Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Timing For A Oprah Moment

The moment a wish came true......

This is how the story goes.......
 I tried to get tickets to Oprahs shows in Sydney on the 14th Dec
 ( everyone I know applied so I had a greater chance of going)
Now if I got the tickets I was going to have to cancel our holiday on Hamilton Island
that I booked back in August (yes I was prepared to do this !)
 Sadly no one was successful in obtaining any.
Some friends asked on facebook if anyone had got tickets , it was a big NO from everyone ,
Except I added "I  know I am going to see her while she is here because I can feel it "

So we arrived at Hamilton Island on the 13th December
not knowing THIS.....

Oprah arrived the day after in a private jet.
The island was buzzing with gossip this morning , rumours Oprah was flying in. No one seemed to know what time , so how did I get this shot ?
Just a feeling , we were out in our buggy going to get some lunch when I said to hubby , just turn off to the airport & see if there is a private jet at the airport & we will know if she is here.
As we arrived in the carpark the Oprahs jet come into land (apparently it was 1 1/2 hours late )
 The universe was hearing my wish .
Standing at the gate trying to catch a glimpse , thinking they were going to come out of the gate we were at because there was a tv camera crew there , but no they turned off across the tarmac & left through a different exit.
 So the great buggy chase started......
Something overcame me we made it to the little roundabout before they got there
where I proceded to jump out & stand on the road jumping & waving wildly as they past , just hoping 
she would wind down the window & give a wave
but that was not to be.....

past the local school on the island 
 up & over hills following the silver vans with the blacked out windows , 
have you got any idea how slow a golf buggy goes up a hill ?
 You can run faster !!

Down the hill towards Qualia 
where Oprah was staying

They were already through the private gates
Oh why hadnt I booked the from $935 a night accomadation ?
(Probably because it wasnt in our budget )
It was so much fun to let go & be" silly" at my age .
Hubby was slightly bemused at my excitement.

We heard more rumours she would be going to whitehaven beach that afternoon
While we were relaxing by the pool , I was secretly putting it out to the universe I wanted to meet Oprah.
At 2pm we were in our room letting the kids chill out when I said ti hubby "Im just going to pop over to the Marina  , if Oprah is going to Whitehaven she would have to be leaving soon to get there.
On the way there were a couple of camera crews & handful of people standing outside the wildlife park.
I came to a scretching halt , parked the buggy to find out Oprah was arriving in about 10 minutes for a private visit.
My OMG moment had arrived
I have on video a lovely clear & unobstructed view of Oprah driving down the steep hill with Gayle by her side. Then it was running over to where she stopped to talk before driving in , where she had her photo with' Elvis the koala'.

I was very impressed she drove the buggy herself , shows her relaxed 
which us Aussies love !

I went up to a side entrance , we called out to her as she went through & she said I will come over 
after I go here.

About a dozen of us waited & true to her word , she did.
Thankyou Oprah for making my day !
 I am now going to pay it forward & do something for someone in need to make their day.
Its funny peoples reactions , it seems you either get what Oprah is about or you dont.
I am not going to apologise for admiring & respecting her or being a fan
(I have seen people roll there eyes at the very mention of her name & thats O.K we are all different)
Twice in my life I have dramatically changed things in my life due to watching her show , 
I will always be great full for this 

Karyn x

P.S Now I have to put it out to the universe to get tickets to the show in Chicago for the final season.
I am determined !


  1. All I can say is OMG....how amazing..such a fantastic moment. Some things are just meant to be..good luck with obtaining the Chicago tickets..take care Kym X

  2. how exciting! gotta love Oprah! Mel xx

  3. Oh wow, wow, wow I am seriously impressed, you lucky lucky thing!! Oh and my daughter wants to say that she has the same red panda as your daughter!! Cheers x

  4. Oh how exciting!!! So glad your little 'wish' was granted! Love that Oprah drove the golf buggy herself :)

  5. How exciting Karyn! That is a moment worth remembering. Whatever people think of Oprah, she does do some great things - including the amazing boost to our tourism that is sure to come! Rachaelxx

  6. How amazingly lucky was that! It must have been very very exciting.

  7. wow wow wow - lucky you - I think she is a shinning star in a world for of some dull ole people :) best le


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