Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Quick Trick or Treat !

We havent done Halloween before Miss.S has always thought it was scary & this year she said it is just ugly ( black & dark vs girlie & sparkly ) there is no competition in her eyes.
It was about 7pm when we got a knock at the door from trick or treaters (did I have any sweets , no!)
How awful did I feel.
Miss. S said maybe next year I will go trick or treating . Well knowing her I knew she would be counting the days , now she could see all the excitement & the fact you get lollies !
Facts she knew but couldnt overcome the darkness of Halloween.
So to save myself the 365 day countdown I said "quick throw on a dress up & lets go trick or treating"
10 minutes later we are running out the door. The one person at the end of our street I knew was giving out lollies had closed up shop for the evening. There little faces just looked so sad , looking up the street I didnt think it looked promising but off we went (with 5 minutes to bed time to go)  

We had a princess (of course) & a masterchef with his own stockpot.

We were in luck , right up the other end was a full on halloween party with a giant bowl of sweets.
Have a look at Master.J he couldnt take his eyes off the man right in the background with the skeleton suit on & face painted.

 We finally convinced him to turn around to have a photo .
Thankyou lovely unknown family in our street for making their night.
Three more houses at that end they knocked on & got a treat.

Return at 8pm with their stash. Very happy little children who are now converted Halloween fans. Somehow Miss. S had twice the amount of sweets in her princess handbag (I think it was when they could help themselves to the bowl at the party) 
The next morning though I went out to find empty wrappers over the lawn , I think that was my trick for not having any treats for the other trick or treaters earlier in the night.
I promise next year I will be organised......
What % of Aussies celebrate Halloween ? 
Love to know your thoughts or how you celebrated.

Karyn x

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