Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something Blue By Mary McDonald

Blue being my favourite colour , I couldnt help but notice this fabulous
L.A based designer , Mary McDonald
(dosent she remind you in this picture of our very own Princess Mary)
If only to be this elegant.....

How I would love to be this bold to paint my study this colour....

Although I did have my bedroom this colour (the brighter shade on the left)
after a holiday in the Greek Islands......
until a few years agowhen it was time for a change

A touch of blue outside
oh so dreamy...... 

A Commercial Design
LA stores are so COOL !
I cant quite figure what they are selling , any ideas ?

Karyn x

I am so inspired looking at these photos put together , I have a need 
to do a pop of colour somewhere in the renovations !
Lookout blank wall where ever you are......


  1. Wow, she does use very strong blues very well..I loved your post on Halloween too - how funny! We really need to embrace it more in this country, it's so much fun for little ones..Rachaelxx

  2. I love blue too. It's funny, whenever I'm decorating a new space, I'm always drawn to blue shades :) I've learnt to embrace what I'm drawn to.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x