Friday, November 5, 2010

Yellow , Black ,Patterns & more.......

Can you believe this house is actually here on the Gold Coast ?
(for those who dont know the Gold Coast is usually only shown as sleek & modern)
I came across this Hampton inspired home for sale
I love the size of this room
Is it designed well or is there too much going on ?
Do you like yellow ?
If I hadnt grown up with yellow & orange wall paper that was never changed 
maybe I could grow to like it. 
 I  do like how the owner has taken a bold leap !
Karyn x
Image from here....


  1. This is an amazing sized room but I think I'd find that harsh yellow very difficult to live with.

  2. I blogged about that house too ! Isnt it lovely...i might tire of the yellow a bit though xx


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Karyn x