Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss.S Turns 8 !

Who knows if this is the last year of loving Barbie ?
 ( I dont usually do the licence product wrap)
 but after a year of idolising Hannah Montanna , it is kind of a relief Miss. S has gone back to Barbie , we know she is always blonde & well mannered with no scandals in the gossip mags & she is already grown up !

"This is the Barbie I really really wanted "

Her friend Miss.M who she has known since birth ( well it took a little while after birth for them to realise they knew each other ) it is her birthday also the day after Miss.S , she invited us to her ten pin bowling party.

Much fun was had by Master. J who had to put his new Buzz lightyear mask on every time he bowled.
He was hilarious & it was his first time bowling , he did very well. 

Miss. S had a unique bowling style , she is usually such a princess , but with bowling she did the 'chuck or fling method' I cringed every time , I was scared for my life standing here to take the photo.

Looking very smug "I may have chucked the ball with all my might but it still knocked seven pins down"

Miss .S had a lovely surprise when her friend said she had to sit at the end of the table with her to blow out the candles since it was her birthday too. That just made her day ! 

What do you do when the kids have had to much sugar ?
Thats right put them in a large floating ball & push them out to sea , then go shopping !
(Too bad there is only 30 min of oxygen in there)
Wouldnt  this be the ultimate time out device to have at home...........
Too harsh I hear you say , its just mummy hasnt had her double shot latte today , 2 hours of bowling noise with ten parties on at the same time in the one location can make one a little sensitive.

Karyn x


  1. That looks like so much fun and she looks very happy! I want a turn in one of those balls! Isn't bowling fun? I think the girls might be old enough soon to go. Happy Birthday Miss S! Rachaelxx

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter - she has such a pretty face!! I'm glad she is enjoying Barbie just as we all did as little girls :) The bowling party looks fun (Buzz made me laugh) and those floating balls look great!

  3. You just gave me my best laugh for the day. Mummy does enjoy her coffee and rightly so. Lovely pics. I am glad you are letting her enjoy her barbies. My ten year old still gets hers out from time to time. They grow up so quickly I love it when she is just being a little girl.

  4. What a great birthday! Your daughter is beautiful. A-M xx


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