Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Parcel Arrives From Ada & Darcy.....

I took a look a the fabulous new on line store
and fell in love with so many beautiful items

As we are just finishing up renovations this month (fingers crossed)
Im not quite ready to do my order , but I had to have these straws for this Saturday.
My 8 year old daughter is having a tea party with her best friend to make up for not having a birthday party of her own last week.
When they arrived  they were beautifully wrapped with a lovely note from Kellie attached.
I have to say they are even better in the flesh, I loved them , they are a vibrant pink & very strong.  

Thankyou Kellie , I will be back to shop soon.
Karyn x

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday night Ice cream Indulgence for the family OR ?

Or do you hide it in the back of the fridge away from prying little eyes ,
 after all they do have their vanilla Blue Ribbon Ice Cream.

Seriously this is a must have , at least once.
Maggie Beer Burnt Fig , Honeycomb & Caramel Ice Cream 500ml
This is how Maggie describes it on the container.
With its own cult following , our burnt figs really shine in this ice cream , along with honeycomb and the richness of fresh cream , milk and egg yolks.We're talking grown up ice cream for adult tastes. This is the real thing ! All you need is a spoon to indulge in this luscious ice cream.

Well I took Maggies advice in fact 3 times in one week  (all by myself, hubby wasnt around when I was indulging , sshhh dont tell him) I dont usually eat sweets at night.
The last serve I sat at the bench reading the container . I thought to myself " mmmm , this is sooo delicous I wonder what the calories are , oh dear , its a five serve pack at 818kj a serve !

Enjoy your Weekend
Karyn x

P.S Does any one know what speed I need to increase my internet too ? It took about an hour to post the previous 5 photo post. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss.S Turns 8 !

Who knows if this is the last year of loving Barbie ?
 ( I dont usually do the licence product wrap)
 but after a year of idolising Hannah Montanna , it is kind of a relief Miss. S has gone back to Barbie , we know she is always blonde & well mannered with no scandals in the gossip mags & she is already grown up !

"This is the Barbie I really really wanted "

Her friend Miss.M who she has known since birth ( well it took a little while after birth for them to realise they knew each other ) it is her birthday also the day after Miss.S , she invited us to her ten pin bowling party.

Much fun was had by Master. J who had to put his new Buzz lightyear mask on every time he bowled.
He was hilarious & it was his first time bowling , he did very well. 

Miss. S had a unique bowling style , she is usually such a princess , but with bowling she did the 'chuck or fling method' I cringed every time , I was scared for my life standing here to take the photo.

Looking very smug "I may have chucked the ball with all my might but it still knocked seven pins down"

Miss .S had a lovely surprise when her friend said she had to sit at the end of the table with her to blow out the candles since it was her birthday too. That just made her day ! 

What do you do when the kids have had to much sugar ?
Thats right put them in a large floating ball & push them out to sea , then go shopping !
(Too bad there is only 30 min of oxygen in there)
Wouldnt  this be the ultimate time out device to have at home...........
Too harsh I hear you say , its just mummy hasnt had her double shot latte today , 2 hours of bowling noise with ten parties on at the same time in the one location can make one a little sensitive.

Karyn x

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paint Colour Advice Needed ?

This is currently the sideboard that the TV is sitting in. After months of extensive searching for a TV unit and only coming up with $5000 ones from the U.S. The decsion has been made to paint this one & mount the TV on the wall. It is a very solid piece & I love the skirting around the bottom.
So my delima is I cant decide on what colour to paint it. White or really dark brown ?
I have photographed the other furniture in this room. 
(even Oprah dosent look sure of the answer to this one , maybe she could send Nate)

This is our dining table & bookcase

Now the chairs are also going to be painted (the table that goes with these is now our undercover outdoor table , also waiting to be painted) 
Do I paint the chairs white or really dark brown
I have seen many homes in Traditional Home magazine that have the mix of white & dark furniture
with blue accessories.
These chairs currently have an Ikea seat cover on them , which I quite like. 
I was going to buy some lovely oak coloured chairs , trying to cut costs on the furniture at the moment so we can get the renovations finished before Christmas.

The french doors are going to be painted white this week.

Now the console table , I have always liked the colour , I have had it about 6 years.
Do you think it needs to be painted also ?

This is a view of the room from the lounge.  You can just see the Island bench stools that are white.
The lounge currently is a beige /stone colour. Forgot to photograph that end of the room.

I would really appreciate thoughts opinions , advice , pleaassee. 
 Also if any one knows the best way to paint the furniture , brush / spray / profesionally ?

Karyn x

Monday, October 11, 2010

A little Jazz with James Morrison in the afternoon

Saturday afternoon hubby & I had a very rare moment of going out without the little darlings
It was for The James Morrison Trio Concert at one of the local schools.

The concert was organised by as a fundraiser for new musical instruments
for schools in Qld. If you live in Brisbane there are more concerts from tonight over the next week.
So do yourself a favour & go to one , tickets available on the above website. Not only will you enjoy the show but will also be supporting a good cause of promoting music in schools.

He is such a multi talented musician , and if he wasnt he could always be a comedian.
He tells the funniest stories between playing.

Emma Pask part of the trio was discovered by James at the age of 15.
A fantastic jazz singer.
(sorry about the quality of the photos , but no flash photography was allowed)

A must read book  -' James Morrison Blowing my own trumpet'   I bought it for hubby a couple of years ago & read it myself. It is the autobiography of his life so far , it is so funny , the antics he has gotten into from childhood (you wouldnt want your own children doing today) Lets just say I dont think James should go out on the water ............

Karyn x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out & About Southern Highlands NSW

This bike was just sitting in the garden near the kitchen

Curious Alpacas
 Pretty Bluebells
They have their own kitchen garden. There is a floppy eared bunny in that cage.

Of course I had to stop at Antiques by consisgnment  at Braemar (I have done a post on it before)
The above pictures were taken there

 Miss.S loved this display in a coffee shop in Bowral

It is tulip times 50th anniversary this year

A beautiful artifical flower display in Foxes Bong Bong St , Bowral. The sun streams through from above , last year
when I was there they had wonderful xmas decorations hanging up with the sun sparkling through.

We stayed at the Briars

View from our room

Lovely shop front bookstore in Moss Vale
 Driving through the countryside

Went for a walk to see Fitzroy Falls

Lovely scenery

Stopped at the lovely town of Bundanoon
The markets were on , bought the best local olives & fudge.
A must visit town if you are ever in the area.

A stop at Red Cow Farm - Sutton Forest
It was a couple of weeks to early for all the blooms

Blossom trees at Exeter

The original general store at Burrawang

It is now a cafe where they also sell  antique toys & kitchenware

The "Big Potato" at Robertson

Lets finish off with some pretty ranuculas in Bowral
Hope you enjoyed out & about with us on the highlands

Karyn x

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bowral Spring Visit

After nannas funeral that was held in Bowral NSW we stayed on for another four days for a little R& R
We were a little early for visiting all the beautiful gardens this year. But Corbett Gardens in town had some early blooming tulips.

Beautiful terrace house

The bridge this was taken from I had my wedding photos on , as children my sister & I played in this park. When I started working I ate lunch under the big tree on a warm day. The church I went to Sunday school in is across the road. The church I got married in is a block away.
So many memories.....

Of course when we saw the horse & buggy go by we had to do this (a first for me in Bowral)

Going through the main street of Bowral (very cool)

Aproaching my first school

There it is , got a quick shot of my very first Kindergarten classroom.
Which is now the schoolhouse museum (that makes me feel old)

The buggy ride takes you to Bradman Oval (where I used to play hockey)
Which now houses the famous Bradnam cricket museum
( Donald Bradman lived across from here as a child)


Miss. S with Poppa

Back at Gorbett Gardens

One very happy little girl

Karyn x