Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bowral Spring Visit

After nannas funeral that was held in Bowral NSW we stayed on for another four days for a little R& R
We were a little early for visiting all the beautiful gardens this year. But Corbett Gardens in town had some early blooming tulips.

Beautiful terrace house

The bridge this was taken from I had my wedding photos on , as children my sister & I played in this park. When I started working I ate lunch under the big tree on a warm day. The church I went to Sunday school in is across the road. The church I got married in is a block away.
So many memories.....

Of course when we saw the horse & buggy go by we had to do this (a first for me in Bowral)

Going through the main street of Bowral (very cool)

Aproaching my first school

There it is , got a quick shot of my very first Kindergarten classroom.
Which is now the schoolhouse museum (that makes me feel old)

The buggy ride takes you to Bradman Oval (where I used to play hockey)
Which now houses the famous Bradnam cricket museum
( Donald Bradman lived across from here as a child)


Miss. S with Poppa

Back at Gorbett Gardens

One very happy little girl

Karyn x

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  1. What a beautfiul place to grow up. So sorry about your Nan. A-M xx


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