Monday, October 11, 2010

A little Jazz with James Morrison in the afternoon

Saturday afternoon hubby & I had a very rare moment of going out without the little darlings
It was for The James Morrison Trio Concert at one of the local schools.

The concert was organised by as a fundraiser for new musical instruments
for schools in Qld. If you live in Brisbane there are more concerts from tonight over the next week.
So do yourself a favour & go to one , tickets available on the above website. Not only will you enjoy the show but will also be supporting a good cause of promoting music in schools.

He is such a multi talented musician , and if he wasnt he could always be a comedian.
He tells the funniest stories between playing.

Emma Pask part of the trio was discovered by James at the age of 15.
A fantastic jazz singer.
(sorry about the quality of the photos , but no flash photography was allowed)

A must read book  -' James Morrison Blowing my own trumpet'   I bought it for hubby a couple of years ago & read it myself. It is the autobiography of his life so far , it is so funny , the antics he has gotten into from childhood (you wouldnt want your own children doing today) Lets just say I dont think James should go out on the water ............

Karyn x


  1. oh that would have been so cool ! Hubby and I actually went to school with him and his family. They were in a different grade but bit of trivia !! Love my jazz. Mel xx

  2. Would have been a great concert!

    You were asking about that pretty lace sticky tape on Nina's blog - she left a comment saying you could buy it here:

  3. Oh he is wonderful... such a talent! Sounds like a perfect date! Hope you are not being rained out where you are! A-M xx

  4. How fun....I am sure it was a fabulous concert....xv


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