Monday, October 18, 2010

Paint Colour Advice Needed ?

This is currently the sideboard that the TV is sitting in. After months of extensive searching for a TV unit and only coming up with $5000 ones from the U.S. The decsion has been made to paint this one & mount the TV on the wall. It is a very solid piece & I love the skirting around the bottom.
So my delima is I cant decide on what colour to paint it. White or really dark brown ?
I have photographed the other furniture in this room. 
(even Oprah dosent look sure of the answer to this one , maybe she could send Nate)

This is our dining table & bookcase

Now the chairs are also going to be painted (the table that goes with these is now our undercover outdoor table , also waiting to be painted) 
Do I paint the chairs white or really dark brown
I have seen many homes in Traditional Home magazine that have the mix of white & dark furniture
with blue accessories.
These chairs currently have an Ikea seat cover on them , which I quite like. 
I was going to buy some lovely oak coloured chairs , trying to cut costs on the furniture at the moment so we can get the renovations finished before Christmas.

The french doors are going to be painted white this week.

Now the console table , I have always liked the colour , I have had it about 6 years.
Do you think it needs to be painted also ?

This is a view of the room from the lounge.  You can just see the Island bench stools that are white.
The lounge currently is a beige /stone colour. Forgot to photograph that end of the room.

I would really appreciate thoughts opinions , advice , pleaassee. 
 Also if any one knows the best way to paint the furniture , brush / spray / profesionally ?

Karyn x


  1. Hi my darling..thank you for your lovely comment today, I really am the most amateur decorator in the world so I appreciate the kind words!

    I would paint the cabinet charcoal grey but that may not go with the beige of the sofa. A really, really dark brown (almost black) like you're suggesting would look good too. But like I said..I'm an amateur! Maybe some different knobs too? And perhaps leave the console until you've painted the cabinet and see how it looks. The cabinet is a great piece..Rachaelxx

  2. You know if you left those doors as they are then he colour of the doors, chairs and cabinet would be very similiar.

    If not what about black?

  3. Thanks Lou , when I look at the photos I noticed it all matched but I have had the sideboard & chairs for years and really wanted a change. My husband is devastated that the cedar doors are going to be painted, but I always wanted white french doors & there are bi - folds on the other side of the room that are going to be white as well. I have seen some furniture where it is so dark brown it is almost black.
    Karyn x

  4. Hi Karyn, miss amateur... afraid to paint timber here....I think a really dark black or almost black looks sensational..doing a little black myself at the makes the other colours 'pop'. Can relate to the man thing poor old hubby can't part with the timber look either..good luck I'm sure whatever you choose will loook fab! Kym X

  5. I would paint it a dark dark grey or even black. This looks so effective against the white painted furniture!

  6. I think black would look fab on it and so would gray...

    but... if you choose to paint it white I think you should paint the wall behind it too... not white of course but a different cool color that would look good with white.

  7. I'd say paint them dark brown! The cabinet, dining chairs and the door. But that's just me. Enjoy a lovely day, Kellie xx

  8. I was going to suggest visiting Kyandra, she has done some very lovely black furniture lately. I am a bit on the fence though because I like the idea of the white furniture as well.
    As for the wood painting, my hubby can't stand for me to paint anything we have had for ages. So I have discovered, if it is new to the house and he is not attached to it, it is fair game. The only problem with that is I want to paint all the skirts and architraves but he just won't agree. I totally understand your pain!

  9. My vote is for dark brown or alternatively if you went white, I'd make the dining table dark brown to balance things out.

  10. My initial instinct is always to go white - but then you'll have a very white room. I can't really picture the dark brown paint, but if you had loads of time on your hands you could sand it back and stain it dark. Maybe remove the latticey bits from the doors and replace it with a gathered fabric 'curtain'?

    But what I'd do is paint it a beachy bluey grey.

    What a fun project, whatever you decide!


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x