Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Sweat ,No Calories, Refreshing Summer Drink

With our sweltering summer days upon us
I had a urge to share with you my favourite thirst quenching drink
I usually use a wine glass as it feels like I am having a wine without 
the 'side effects'
 No calories (maybe 1 from the lime)
3 magical ingredients is all required & 3 easy steps.......

1. A glass bottle of San Pellegrino
(of course you could use any sparkling water but hey you must admit 
the green bottle looks much prettier in the pantry)

2. A slice of a juicy lime

3. Ice

Step 1
Add the ice to your glass

Step 2
Add a slice of lime

Step 3
Pour the San Pelegrino

Done !
Now wasnt that easy

Look at those bubbles !
( Drawing a touch of the lime juice out )

Now Chill Out.....

Karyn x

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  1. Oh someone who uses wine glasses for zero calorie drinks too! I have Diet tonic water in mine. Don't know about your local store but limes up here are selling for $2.58 each in Coles. Daylight Robbery. I need a lime tree. A-M xx

  2. Oh it sounds delish, Karyn. Will have to try it soon...still waiting for some warm weather down here! Take care x

  3. I just bought some pelligrino the other day, sadly our supermarket only had plastic bottles. They are just not the same.

  4. As someone who's either been pregnant, trying to fall pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 4 years, I too like my non-alcoholic drinks in a wine glass :) Makes them taste better :) Will have to try your 'recipe' as while I do buy that sparkling mineral water (more for the pretty bottle than anything), sometimes I think it needs an extra zing which I guess the lime provides. Sounds perfect for summer...

  5. I have this when I've too much champagne! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x