Saturday, November 12, 2011

5th Birthday cake overload !

A couple of months ago my gorgeous boy turned 5
Here is his offical birthday cake I made him

Looking back at the pics , I had to ask 
when is too much cake
too much ?
Lets take a look at his birthday cake week.......

Day 1 

Night before kindy day
OH no ," I havent made cakes for kindy birthday celebration"!
Quickly whip up cupcakes , too hot to ice before bed.
Ice in the morning , mmm how will I decorate , 
mix up green icing & stick on dinosaurs I had ready to put in the kids party 
boxes on the weekend.

Tick !
One happy Boy

(actually lots of happy boys , mums came up to me saying how their sons had said how cool
James's cakes were)
Im such a girly minded girl  lady ,  Im never quite sure what boys might like.
I got this one right. 

Day 2
Actual birthday 
Chocolate Whoopie 
Special morning tea out (daddy took the morning off to spend with him)

Day 2

His actual birthday day
Poppa bought him a surprise cake when we stopped in for a visit 

"Its ok (I guess) boys arent dainty"
See the spoon there ?
Where would the fun be if we used a spoon.....

Apologies for this graphic shot

Day 3
Party Day
Loved how it turned out even with the candles on it

Happy smiles &
a clean face this time.

So when is too much cake , too much ?

Maybe next year we should invite all the extended family & friends 
to 'one' special day.

Karyn x


  1. Oh my god what a wonderful cake ! It makes me think of my mum's cake ! He's a beautiful lucky boy.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it gives me a smile.


  2. The dinosaur cake is amazing! Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous boy :)


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x