Friday, November 18, 2011

Bathroom tile help , pretty please.....

I took this photo of our ensuite 2 years ago when we started the 6 month 'renovation'
last week I contemplated painting the walls white & changing the handles & taps
just because I was so tired of looking at it.
I see it when I wake up in the morning , eekkk

But then I still have to live with 'this' 
mmm , beautiful blue tiles.
I could put the new frameless shower screen in
but we are taking out that hob eventually
so that would create more work later on.

And we need a new one of these

Double vanity ,
 there's those tiles again
Must choose a tile that dosen't date !

Usually have pretties & towels 
I took this quickly one day , in case we tore it all out
& I forgot to take a before shot.
(yes ,  I did forget for our laundry)

When you are deciding on tiles for me 
pretty please
should I take the tiles to the ceiling or retile to the same height
so I can put some artwork or the like on that wall.

When you are choosing my tiles 
( pretty please ) 
should I take them up to the ceiling or leave the wall to put some 
artwork or the like on ?

image via the house that A-M built

These are the floor tiles of my dreams

image via the house that A-M built

This is my dream shower......

I do love the combination of the two different sized subway tiles

More white & light bathrooms

Originally I was going to do a travertine bathroom 
to go with our french style bedroom

taken last christmas 

during the long renovation process the colour of the carpet choice was changed
we laid a light charcol carpet.
I realised travertine wouldnt go well
 & I do love whites.
I have thought about white subway tiles which I love
but our kitchen & laundry splashbacks are in those
so something different would be a lovely change.

This is what I do know

1. The bathroom layout will stay the same
2. There will be a double vanity with a stone top
chrome lever taps
3. Frameless shower screen
4. Chrome fittings
5. We are on a tight budget for this bathroom
6. We dont have a contemporary theme
7. Create a classic timeless look

So why the rush
Hubby has been unwell & it may get worse before he gets better , 
it would be nice for him to have a lovely room to relax in.
We purchased the whole house carpet 5 months ago 
& the carpet was laid except our bedroom because the ensuite needs to be stripped.
Im just over this reno !
So I put away my beautiful bathroom pictures
& decided to try to go budget tile shopping 
the lovely A-M (from The house that A-M built ) 
did a beautiful post on bathroom tiles
where my very favourite floor tiles came up.

This is where my lovely readers come into play.
Any suggestions , helpful tips would be 

Karyn x


  1. What a great post! Found you via A-M.
    Definately tile all the way up the walls. I chose not to after much deliberation, and regret it each and every day.
    looking forward to my next visit - a lovely blog

  2. Karyn, you can get some really beautiful floor tiles for next to nothing at most tile shops. I would take your tear sheet photos into your local tile shop and get them working for you. "Dear Sir, I want this look and I don't want to pay any more than $49/metre thank you very much". Tile to ceiling I say. Dearer but classier. It's a good layout. New tiles, pretty taps, new toilet, you won't know yourself. A-M xx

  3. I would go all the way to the ceiling. I did darker floor tiles extending one width as the skirting, then did white tiles to the ceiling. I love it. Also, I had the wall tiles laid on their side, so the grout lines matched from floor to ceiling.

    Hope hubby is well soon and you're coping. Big hugs.

    TDM xxx

  4. Hi lovely Karyn,

    How are things with you? How is your husband?

    I found tile choices the hardest thing of all. I went with grey in the main bathroom, they were the cheapest in the shop but I love them!

    Isn't renovating fun?


  5. I'm going to go against the others and say no tiling to the ceiling - I know it's the done thing these days but I like the bare wall look for artwork like you said and find too many tiles a bit cold looking, although much easier to clean. Your renovation plan sounds perfect, keeping the same layout so long as it's functional saves lots and small changes like tapware etc can make a huge difference. Can't wait to see what you go with... x


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x