Sunday, November 20, 2011

Around the house

 Image - Hope Island Home

 My little vignette next to the computer
(need a few more white shells)
This morning I looked in the garden for any trace of gardenias or roses 
that this summer heat hasnt sizzled up
The last remaining few
not as glorious as last week , but the scent is amazing.

We went for a walk early
and picked these pretties hanging over a fence.
I noticed in the background another vignette 
Lets take a closer look shall we ?

Image Hope Island Home

Maybe its a bit of a mix mash but its homely to us
Note the figurines , not usually my style
but my  8 year old daughter & I were
taking a walk one day
& saw this charming couple at a garage sale
she adored them. At first I cringed a little ,
 turned them over & they are 'Made in Japan'.
They came home with a little reluctance from me.

Image- Hope Island Home

There is something sweet & elegant about them
of a time gone by.
Ive grown to love them & they fit in with my Vicki Archer Books.
And I will have memories of the time a little girl 
 saw something special in them.

Have a wonderful Sunday
Karyn x

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  1. Some lovely vingettes Karyn. I have't read French Essence yet, I will have to add it to my reading list. Have a great day. Deb


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