Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Baby Is Turning 4 !

I do not know where the last four years have gone......
He was the best baby , so quite & gentle. 
While the quiteness may of changed,
 he is now full of energy & his own opinions that need to be heard.
We always called him from birth ' the worlds littlest man'
he certainly is growing into that.
He loves dirt , diggers , insects & bugs , building his lego , riding his scooter 
oh & tormenting his older sister (sigh)
I hope as he grows he will be grounded in a world of uncertainty, considerate of others & the earth,
 intellegent in whatever way his path may take him,
keep his sense of humour 
& above all know how much he is loved.

Happy Birthday
LOve Mummy


  1. He is so beautiful! Hope he had a lovely birthday..I can't recall any big reveals lately but I have such little time for blogging with the next stage or renovating/painting starting soon! I'm finally getting to the bottom of the kitchen moulding saga so hopefully I can post some pics of the kitchen soon..How are things going there? Send me an email if you've got time..Rachaelxx

  2. what a sweetie. They really do grow up too fast. My second son just turned 21, and my babies are turning 10 next week!

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy x

  4. oh it's a perfect, perfect age. you have a beautiful boy! A-M xx


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