Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party Day !

Master J may of already had his birthday midweek but had to wait until Sunday for Party Day !
I always love throwing kids parties at home and get carried away where everything must match the theme.
If you are someone who thinks people that go all out with theming parties please dont judge us , we truely CANNOT help it , its a condition!
This year with the renovations still underway I couldnt bring myself to have a party at home. So only the week before I decided to ring a play centre ,(which is something I said I could never do & of course my favourite playcentre is at the other end of the coast). I hesitantly said "do you have any times available next weekend for a boys party ?" holding my breath for the reply "we only have the galaxy room available on the Sunday 12-2pm. " Well at first I thought how is a dinosaur or farm cake going to match that. Then it all started to come together. Master J has just recently become a fan of buzz lightyear after seeing Toy Story 3. It was meant to be ! Galaxy room = space = buzz lightyear = ROCKET cake ! 
Off to the cake supply shop on Thursday I go with 2 possible cakes to make , of course they where out of a few things for either cake , so away I go with just blue colouring (if everything I needed was in stock, it was going to cost $80 just for all the bits). So I had to get my thinking cap on & remembered I had a dolly varden cake tin for my daughters 3rd birthday fairy cake a few years ago ( I never thought I would use it again) 
Saturday arrived , I made the rocket shape & another round cake to add height & 36 mini cup cakes just incase the cone cake fell apart. I bought some fondant from the supermarket & strawberry straps , knew I already had green & blue colouring for the icing. I Hoped & prayed I would come up with something that looked OK. So at 10.30 pm I started , it was so quite with everyone asleep , time just got away as I pondered what to do after I iced the cake. I iced the mini cup cakes 3 different ways . It wasnt until I coloured the fondant that the rest came together "oh I can cut out stars , make windows and his name. Fondant could be addictive ! I have so many ideas now , just need to practice some technics to get it right. Please dont look too carefully , I know its not perfect but I was pleased with the result. And I didnt have to spend a fortune.........

After I finished & had cleaned up , I crawled into bed at 3.30am.
When I was awaken at 6am with much excitement , I knew it was worth it & relieved I didnt have a party to organise that morning !
Now how to get the cake 25minutes away down the motorway in one piece ?

Da da !

It made it , we had one very happy little boy.
(You can see my little cupcakes in this picture)

The galaxy room , a perfect theme match !
The kids had a great time , jumping castle , motorised bikes , climbing & sliding.

After the party we stopped at beautiful North Burleigh beach for a run in the fresh air
& then finished off the afternoon with fish & chips at Paradise Point.

Karyn x


  1. Oh wow! That cake looks amazing! You did a great job and were very clever using the tin from the Dolly Varden cake. I think it was all meant to be too when I read that the 'Galaxy' room was the one available :)

  2. What a fantastic birthday. That cake looks amazing clever you are. I'm afraid I am no cook and with my little miss turning 16 on Saturday..I'm out sourcing the cake. oh how I miss those gorgeous young themes. I'm afraid Miss 16's birthday theme is "Beauty & the Geek'....not sure how we 'll go but the kids are looking forward to themes even at that age. Glad your party went so well. and happy birthday to your big boy X

  3. The looks like very amazing.You did great write about galaxy room and different type of the cake..thanks for this post.

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  4. It looks great Karyn! What a fab cake, any little boys dream I reckon!
    I really laughed when I read this, because we are about to move house and my little girls birthday lands right in the middle of all the chaos... I also swore I would never go down the play centre road, but alas, I have caved! The thought of so much less to organize is becoming more and more appealing....Glad the day went so well!
    Flick x

  5. I've had your blog sitting on one of my tabs for ages and I keep forgetting to comment..hopeless! The cake is amazing! So much better than my carousel one..It sounds like the perfect day too, ending in fish and chips at the beach! I think you did a wonderful job and he must have loved every minute..Rachaelxx

  6. What a gorgeous boy! He looks very pleased with himself and all your very creative efforts.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x