Monday, July 12, 2010

A Winters Day At The Beach - For Sharon @myfrenchcountryhome

Main Beach - Gold Coast Queensland

We went for a long walk this morning on this beautiful winters day.
 The sun was warm , the sky stunning & the water crisp & sparkling.

He is only three but we often catch him when we are at the beach , pondering while looking out to sea.
He seems to have some connection to it , even when he was crawling in nappies he would crawl straight out into the water . 

Beach Fisherman, what a way to spend the morning


Untouched ripples in the sand

We brought our beach football with us ( daddy teaching how to make a mound kick off.)
It was the best idea bringing the ball, usually we wouldnt get very far without complaining of being tired. When you kick a ball up the beach & see who gets there first , its amazing how they dont notice the distance. 

"Look mum , pink & purple jellyfish" , my daughter insisted on taking a photo. I havent seen this colour before myself.

The beaches received a battering last summer , I was surprised at the erosion. This used to be a walkway to the beach , now it is a sudden drop to the beach. We had to find a safer place for them to climb , fortunately not far along some sand seems to have been brought in (of course, right behind here is the Sheraton Mirage )

There he goes , he had to climb it ! 

Very clever , he used a plant root to pull himself up the last bit.

" Look mum I did it , can I jump down ?" many times they climbed up & jumped down.

While mummy stood at the top in the shade watching , Daddy was down the bottom in case of any misshapes.


There were a lot of boats at on horizon today , how lovely that would be also.

No the fisherman wasnt washed away , when we were walking back I loved the look of the rod standing there by itself , now I can look at this picture & imagine myself standing there.

My daughter called me over to see what she had written , caps our thoughts off perfectly.

Karyn x

I am dedicating this weeks water pictures to Sharon from My French Country Home. A few weeks ago she invited bloggers to show water images from around there home. At the time I was going to do this , but was unable to join in. She also left a comment today saying she felt like being near the water. I have a little collection after this week of different places we have been. I know this is a long post , but we had such a lovely morning I wanted to share.

Images by - me


  1. Thank you Karyn, you honour me - this is a lovely gift. How wonderful to spend a day like this beside the water. Make the most of your young children these moments are so precious and they pass so fast.


  2. Oh just beautiful. I needed a dose of the beach. I can't remember the last time I walked on sand! A-M xx

  3. How gorgeous! All of it. Love your 'sand messages' and that your generous heart has dedicated these images to Sharon. So sweet!

    I added you to my blog roll right away!

    x Charlotta

  4. Great shots of the beach and everyone having a wonderful time!

  5. Don't we have the most amazing winters here in Queensland that we can do this? You've inspired me to hit the beach again - haven't been in weeks.

  6. Beautiful photos and a beautiful blog. I'm so glad I stopped by.

  7. Beautiful images, thanks for putting them all together. Just love the beach..You've inspired me to take the little girls for a winters day at the beach - a REAL winters day in Melbourne! Rachaelxx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x