Thursday, July 8, 2010

Powder Room Inspiration ?

The ottoman couldnt stay there , can you imagine the kids climbing on it before washing their hands. Yikes ! I dont have that space with a glorious fireplace opposite. This is my space......

Only 1.2 meters wide. The bathroom opposite is a two way bathroom that reflects back my daughters pink bedroom when both the sliding doors are open. 
I havent decided on an exact style as yet , because I feel what I choose sets the tone for the whole house. I know it wont be contempary but  casual , elegant, carribean or hamptons style. Classic lines for sure , I dont want it to date. The floor tiles are already down (they arent shiny like this picture looks , I think I had just washed the floor). The room will mostly be used by the kids & any guests. 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
Karyn x


  1. I think anything classic and timeless is the way to go - A-M has impeccable taste and designed gorgeous vanities for 'the house', but I'm sure you've probably already checked them out! Oh, and the lovely Judy over at Verandah House has some gorgeous ideas that would fit your theme perfectly. Good luck with the search; I'm still planning my ensuite so I'd love to see what you come up with! K xx

  2. That image is gorgeous, and I think your ideas for classic and elegant are great. I think a huge mirror is a good idea in a smaller space. My kids would make a meal out of that ottoman too!
    Flick :)


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x