Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book 'Tilt'

Browsing in the library with the last week I came across this unusual 
book. I thought it was sitting crooked on the shelf & tried to
straighten it up. 
Thats how it is, leaning like the tower it holds the history of inside.
It tells a story of the history of the tower right up to 2001 after
the restoration work was completed. A very interesting read.
Of course I had to photograph it with the only 'touristy' item 
I brought back from Italy. A leaning mug that I just had to have
I actually loved the pictures on it & it was in my fav colour.
 When we visited Pisa in 2001 we 
were pleasantly surprised with this town. We somehow missed the 
hoards of tourists & had a wonderful day admiring all the 
buildings in this town. The tower still had scaffolding around it 
but was still amazing to see. I had know idea of the other impressive
buildings surrounding it until we arrived, as it always seems to be 
photographed alone by itself.

Karyn x


  1. Great, interesting post Karyn. You're so lucky to have been to Italy.
    I just want to straighten that book up,lol

  2. How clever - and love the mug too! K xx

  3. That is so cute and quirky.. odd though, I want to straighten it too!
    Flick :)

  4. I love the book, what a great idea! The mug is lovely too..It must have been a great trip..Rachaelxx

  5. Oh so sweet..I love that mug :O !

  6. What a cool book and a lovely mug! I love the crooked cover :)


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x