Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Perfect Rug

Kids Bedroom Rugs

Ive been on the hunt for a few pieces to finish styling my sons room.
I had given up finding the perfect rug !
Until I stumbled on these beauties , I may of given up again when I discovered they were from the American company Pottery Barn Kids ( you know the freight costs )
Pottery Barn is opening in Sydney very soon , just a few weeks away I hear ,
fingers crossed they are stocking these Perfect Rugs.
It will be interesting to see if they are the same price here in OZ.

This chenille herring bone is my favorite !
But there is a couple of other rugs in the running

This lighter color may work better in a small bedroom

I like this deep wool pile rug too 

Heres the girls version of the chenille rug

A pretty wool rug

I have been looking for 6 months now , whats another few weeks of waiting ?

Karyn x


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  1. They are perfect finds Karyn, I hope that Pottery Barn lives up to all our hopes and dreams. They have such wonderful stuff online and if its as good as it looks we are all going to be a little bit lighter in the purse. ;-)


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