Friday, April 19, 2013

First Tooth Out !

Moments after my 6 year olds tooth fell out biting into a pear
Much excitement !!

Which lead to the question that night............
How do you present the ' first tooth ' to the tooth fairy when you are a boy ?
 I have had lots of experience with my daughter , she has a special pink fairy door on the wall complete with gold key that the fairy enters at night takes the tooth , 
while leaving a magical trail of fairy glitter dust & a gold coin.
Once she came a night late ( oh dear ) & left a little note explaining what a extra busy night she had & couldnt collect all the teeth before morning.
Was he going to be expecting a door too ?

As this tooth had fallen out a bit sooner then I thought , I wasnt prepared.
Then I remembered purchasing this book from the ABC Store 6 months ago.
We read together ' Why do our teeth fall out ? '
( see his little tooth sitting on the book )

It basically explains the life of a tooth 
( makes a great reader for young learners )
The last page even shows how to make a Tooth fairy basket !
Which was not required ..........

Boys are so much easier ( at times )
He simply wanted to leave it on his new desk in his bedroom.
Not under the pillow , he said " the tooth fairy wont be able to find it there "
He is very practical !
He went to sleep & woke up to a generous $5 in gold coins.
One very happy little boy.

Karyn x

Do you have any stories to share , I would love to hear them.....

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