Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day Service

Today we attended the Anzac Day Service at Upper Coomera Monument

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At The Monument
On this special day , ANZAC Day , 25th April 2013, we recall those men
 and women who gave service to their country , who sacrificed their lives
 to fight for peace in the world and freedom for mankind.

We recall the great tragedy of war and those who left our shores and never returned ,
those who still sleep in the cemeteries of Gallipoli , Palestine , France , 
the desserts of Northern Africa , Greece , the Middle East and closer 
to home , New Guinea , the Pacific , Malaysia , Korea , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Afghanistan , Iraq , East Timor and all the other unknown resting places 
in every corner of the world.

We stand here together united in their memory and promise that their
 sacrifice will not be forgotten and that we , as a community will work
together , to continue their memory and in our own small ways to bring
peace to our families and friends throughout our community
and to the world as a whole.

From the Rotary Club programme

If only we could all read this and live by it.

Many local schools took part in the march to the monument , helping to keep 
Anzac Day remembered through our youth.

It was wonderful to see a large crowd line the streets


Karyn x

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  1. The words above from the Rotary Club program are just beautiful Karyn. My husband and I used to always attend the dawn service... however since having the girls, I haven't been. One day I hope to take the girls with us and help them to appreciate the importance of ANZAC Day and the significance it has for us all x


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x