Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gratitude comes in all forms......

The kids & I have been writing in a gratitude journal for the last couple of weeks.
I choose for my daughter a Kikki K 365 days journal as it had a day number at the top
& a whole blank page to write , draw or add a photo to her daily gratitude.
Initally my 6 year old son didnt want to do it but after a few days of seeing his sister & mum 
sitting together writing in our journals he was ready. 
So he decided to use his big Smiggle Jotter.

My journal is a gratitude journal from Kikki K 
given to me by my daughter for Christmas (off my wish list )
Everyday I am grateful when I pick it up &
feel the beautiful textured fabric it is covered in.

This is one of my favourite quote pages in the journal.
Words I am trying to live by.

I am amazed at what it difference it makes to our days.
My daughter is so more aware of " the little things "
she actually comments on them during the day.
While little one dosent write in it everyday he will say things he is grateful for
& is more aware of right from wrong.
And me , well it brings a peace to my heart & makes my day easier.
Funny though , you might catch me in another world , as a beautiful cloud has caught my eye
or a cool breeze has me mesmerized. 

Sometimes she writes 3 lengthy sentences of what she is grateful for
Here is this mornings happy & simple reflection

" I am grateful for waking up to a beautiful morning "

Ditto my darling

Karyn x


  1. What a lovely, inspirational idea! A great way for kids to appreciate the little things in life!


  2. Wishing you a very happy Easter Karyn!


  3. Love these! What a lovely way to embrace each day x


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x