Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome Baby Oprah.....

If you watched the Australian Oprah eposide last night you may of noticed this tiny girl....

A couple of days after Oprah left Hamilton Island we returned to the wildlife park for a tour for the kids to learn about the animals there......

Bronwyn our guide said we were the first guests to be told that the when Oprah was 
here it was the first time the baby had come out. Previously they didnt know if it was a boy or a girl. When they discovered it was a girl they contacted Oprah & asked would she mind them naming the baby after her. She agreed & asked for updates on baby Oprah.....

I have never seen a real baby koala before , I spent half an hour watching her clinging onto her mum while she moved around (until the kids dragged me away)

Sleepy time.....

Bronwyn showed us around here is 'Freddie' the cockatoo ,
he is a real character......
The park is very small but we saw the crocodile being feed up close & many other Australian animals
its quite & relaxing , the kids loved going there everyday.......
And you can tell how much Bronwyn cares for the animals , its like visiting her home.

Master J patting the dingo
who knew you could do that.......

you never know who you might bump into there.....

On our last morning we went back & had breakfast with the koalas
Here is Miss.S holding 'Elvis' 
(the same one Oprah got to cuddle)
He really is the most perfect looking Koala & the cutest......

Karyn x

I hope baby Oprah can bring a smile even if  just for a moment to our flood affected

I managed to get my blog operating again but am having trouble restoring the heading


  1. Isn't it adorable! And how lucky your daughter got to hold a koala too! I didn't get to watch Oprah last night because our silly power went out - was so disappointed!!

  2. Baby Oprah, that is very, very cute. Looks like a great visit..Rachaelxx

  3. Baby Oprah is too adorable! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  4. She really got to hold one, wow! That baby is adorable! I love that cooking guy what a cutie!

    So Karyn I am so sorry I haven't even asked about the flooding happening in Australia. Are you ok? I am devasted by all the pictures I've seen. My heart (I do have one really) goes out to all those affected!

  5. Karyn, I just gave you an award! Go check in out on my blog,


  6. They are just adorable. We're lucky enough to have koalas here at home most of the time, and the babies are absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you had a fantastic time! K x


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