Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitchen Love Ramble

Sarah Richardson Design

I love so many elements in this kitchen from the colour of the floorboards , not to dark , 
does not appear to be throwing any red or gold tones & has a lovely grain.
Does anyone know what timber it is  ? (Im sure it wont be available in Aust)
The blind is so so gorgeous & that light fitting , lovely.
Personally I dont like the raised bench at the back , I cant imagine the kids sitting up there.
It looks awkward , but hey I am height challenged !
And why do they make fridges with such chunky handles , eeek (not so elegant , nor is the word eeek)
Otherwise it is dreamy the way the light is flooding through the window.
Loads of character with the cross bars on the glass front cupboards , beautiful tapware &
the gorgeous finish at the top of the wall cabinets.
Interestingly that is how I wanted my new kitchen finished off , I managed to convince the
designers to take the cabinets to the ceiling (more shelf space & no dusting required on the top)
but I couldnt convince them to finish off with the moulding surrounds against the ceiling. 
Twelve months on I still look at it & think its not finished properly. 
I am going to email them tommorow this picture & have them explain again why they cannot acheive it.
Wish me luck.....
Is grey becoming the new white ?
It is so sophisticated , serene & calming (to me).
Our very first home had a lot of grey , I can feel myself heading that way again.
Even though whites & blues I adore
I am not apposed to pops of colour in pink & green
Oh be grateful to have one home Karyn.
But wouldnt it be fun to have a few & decorate every one differently !
I guess that is the joy interior decorators have every day 
(of course with the right clients)

Karyn x


  1. Such a fabulous picture Karyn and I adore those dark floorboards too. I also dream of changing my decor frequently..it's fun..Take care Kym X

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment.

    I've been reading your blog for months!

    I love that kitchen and totally agree re the raised bench. Sarah Richardson does fabulous work. Have you seen her shows?

    TDM xx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x