Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Agree Noosa Beach House - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

Tonight  I couldnt sleep thinking of the tragic events unfolding before our eyes in my state of Qld. 

Many of you have posted about this event & some are directly being affected by it .
 I have left my thoughts & prayers with them .

 I do not have the words tonight 
I am shocked of the images I have seen on TV this week
What Brisbane is about to be faced with over the next two days & beyond , is too much.
And only an hour away from home
  One of my favourite blogs summed up my feelings perfectly.
Please go over to & read this post.

I couldnt agree more enough is enough !

Karyn X


  1. Oh Karyn, I think the whole world has its eyes turned towards you at the moment. We Europeans simply can't comprehend the scale of flooding like this, it's terrifying.
    Our thoughts are with you
    My French Country Home

  2. Hi Karyn, thank you for thinking of us all. it is very surreal to be in the midst of it. Our home is safe, but one of my business is going under and the other is under threat. My heart is breaking for those who have lost loved ones...particularly the children...just soo soo awful, Stay strong all xxx Katherine

  3. is so watch it unfold is beyond comprehension...and you are so right.. such a sad day..glad you are safe Kym X

  4. Karyn, I've only just seen that you linked to my post (something odd seems to be going on in blogland) - so heart warming to see that so many of us are on the same page in these terrible times. Lets hope that all those affected start to get some relief (if only small) later today in the form of receding waters. Cheers and hugs x


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x