Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winter Sunsets

Just a few minutes ago I looked out the window to see this
wonderful colour in the sky (the photo dosent do it justice)
In winter we have the most amazing clouds , just today I 
was driving along the motorway admiring the sky
(one eye on the road of course) & wishing I
had the camera. The whitest clouds looked like they had been thrown 
across the sky by an artist over a stunning blue backdrop. 
Fingers crossed I can get pictures tommorow.
Here are a few more of todays sunset from our backyard.

It looks like a sea of fire

And the sky from the front yard taken a minute after this one 
could you get any more of a contrast

What an amazing world.
 Karyn x


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous sky! Ours is clear over here which is why it's been so terribly cold at night lately. Enjoy your evening x

  2. Magnificent..I just love sunrises and sunsets. My kitchen and family room have an eastern aspect so I get to wake up to beautiful pinks, blues and yellows..very beautiful..Rachaelxx

  3. It does look like it is on fire. Well captured!

  4. Amazing shots!! just catching up - how did you achieve that gorgeous rose like icing on your mum's cupcakes - is it a trick icing nozzle? LOVE THEM :)

  5. Can't help but say these photos would look so good printed on canvas cause that's what I do at http://www.momentz.com.au

  6. The sunsets have been gorgeous lately haven't they! We live at Hope Island too and overlook the Gold Coast hinterland. It's so beautiful taking in the sunset over the mountains. We are away for a few days and I miss it already.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x