Monday, June 7, 2010

Playdoh love....

My 7 year old daughter came home from school today & said mummy could I just sit with brother for a minute to play with the playdoh before I have to do my homework. Even though I really wanted her to to get the homework done first , I could see she needed a little time out , so I agreed.
I used the next 15minutes to catch up on some paperwork , when she called out "mummy look what I made" In I went to see "look its you mummy". Complete with designer dress , handbag ,earrings , high heels , a smile , surrounded by hearts & a white apple. 
I felt sooo touched & thought to myself , imagine if I had insisted she did her home work first. Look at this moment that would have been missed . Sometimes I think society expects too much of our young children , some children thrive on it while others feel immense pressure , children are all different & should be able to be treated individually as much as possible so they can all develop into the person they were sent here to be. 
I used to think if you spent the time with children , sent them to the best schools they would find it 'easier' to be more academic , while that is true in some cases it is not always so.
We encourage her in all learning aspects, but we are finding our daughter  naturally inspires to be more of the creative & reading type.  
That is what makes us all unique.
Karyn x


  1. Very cute, I love the bag. I am a believer in play first, homework later. (Most of the time). Our kids are so scheduled and instructed, they just need time to create.

  2. Beautifully said..I'm always trying not to rush my girls. Love your playdoh image..Rachaelxx

  3. Oh Karyn

    I have a passion for playdoh, love the smell, the colours and - most of all - the memories of hours spent modelling with my children. Of course you're right, we all need our creative side, whatever route that might take us, including running parallel to good school work.

    All work and no play has never been a good idea!

  4. What a stunning designer outfit!
    Having a husband who teaches it's sometimes sad to hear stories about kids who are pushed so hard academically they miss out on the fun (and necessary) social aspect of school - it's really not all about letters and numbers.
    Very well put.

  5. Oh how cute!! Such a lovely post and you are so right about not pushing little ones but instead nurturing their individual qualities xx

  6. I love it .How honest and gorgeous children are. We need to let our children be children..there is enough time to be grown up later. Kym X

  7. To right! Great post and something to think about... Love the play dough image of you!

  8. I love this post! First I would love to be called Mummy
    and Second that she still wants to play. It seems that kids younger and younger and being immersed in older activities. I usually let my son play then homework because its usually written all over his face that he needs a break. He is 10 and he still loves Play Doh! Why do people feel the need to have children grow up faster than they are ready to? I say Fragglerock, let them be kids! Oh and how creative is she, with a designer purse and earrings. She must know you to a T!


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x