Friday, June 18, 2010

Winter Holidays Have Begun !

Ready to go....

Day 1

This is a 26 Day Holiday Break from school routine 
We dont have any set plans as yet.
Would love to do a farmstay one weekend for
something different, 
 just looking for the right one.
Yesterday I decided to buy some last minute
tickets to take the kids to Disney On Ice Today.
I didnt tell them until an hour before we were
leaving. Of course there was much excitement !
So of to Brisbane we went.....
Thought we would share some highlights

The cast came out....

Minnie was as cute as ever.... 

There was a big adventure ahead....

 Donald was more charming than usual...

Alice made an appearance...

Can you guess these characters ?

Of course there was a princess......

I dont want to give away the story , there were so many different 
characters involved. I have seen Disney On Ice many times , the good old
days when I worked for Disney & I got FREE tickets are long gone.
 It is  nowwonderful to see the show through  childrens eyes, this show
even more so . I found it the best yet , due to the exciting story & encouragement
of crowd participation. It was Disney at what they do best.

A last wave goodbye.....

 On the way out to the car , we bumped into Bindi Irwin with her mum, 
she so graciously took a minute to have a photo. 
In case you were wondering what is on little missy's face , here is a close up.

Too Close ?

When we arrived they were doing face painting of 'The Incredibles' masks.
Of course it had to be Pink !

Karyn x


  1. Well done for treating them to a surprise, they must have loved their day! Hoorah for school holidays!

  2. Morning K....the photos are brilliant- i just love Alice! Gosh aren't we soo lucky we can pretend we are going for our kids! tee hee!
    The greek goodies would be perfect for you in qld....i'm going to draw it today with the bambinos -fingers crossed!
    melissa x

  3. Great memories being made right there! I still remember my mum taking me to a musical of Snow White when I was little and I'm sure your kids will remember this special time too.
    Enjoy your holidays. We have 1 week to go, and counting....

  4. Your two are so gorgeous! I remember seeing Disney on Ice as a young girl - what a lovely surprise for them! Hope the holidays are full of fun times for you all x

  5. Wow you have such a long break. I remember seeing Disney On Ice as a child and it was such a magical experience. I also made sure my girls had the same experience.. It's something you never forget I'm sure they enjoyed their treat and what a bonus meeting Bindi Irwin...Take care Kym X

  6. What a terrific day. That was nice of Bindi to have a photo. Nice to see she does little girl stuff too! I love that mask! Enjoy your holidays.

  7. Hope you enjoy the holidays..Disney on Ice looks like fun..A farmstay is a great idea..We do one every year for Charlotte's birthday..Rachaelxx

  8. The disney on ice shows are quite magical! Glad everyone had a great time.... Now what are we going to do for the rest of the holidays???


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x